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Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines is the largest Greek airway company. It offers a variety of ways to transport pets. On Aegean flights, pets can travel in the cabin and the hold. It is also possible to transport them as cargo.

If your pet’s weight is less than 8 kg (with the container), you can take it to the cabin. There is a limit of 1 pet per passenger on board. However, sometimes it is possible to take more pets, provided that they are of the same breed, are familiar with each other, and do not exceed the norm of 8 kg, including the transport container. Only dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin.

Before traveling, make sure that your transport container meets the following requirements:

· Its maximum dimensions are 55 x 40 x 23 cm. For DH8-100, DH8-400 and ATR aircraft, they are 40 x 25 x 25 cm;

· Transport containers must be leak-proof;

· There must be enough food and water in the container so that the pet does not feel hungry or thirsty during the flight;

· You must put the container under the seat in front of you;

· Passengers with pets must sit next to windows. It isn’t allowed to choose other seats, as well as seats in the first and the emergency exit row;

· It is prohibited to let the pet out of the container during the whole flight;

· Passengers should provide their transport containers. However, if you don’t have a container, Aegean Airlines will offer you a disposable one. This service is only available in Greek airports.

If your pet’s weight exceeds 8 kg (with the container), it must be transported in the baggage hold. Only dogs and cats are allowed in the hold.

Aegean Airlines doesn’t accept animals transported for laboratory and scientific purposes in the hold. If there is a connecting flight on your route which takes more than 3 hours, pets might not be accepted as well.

Transport containers for pets traveling in the baggage hold must meet the following requirements:

· The container must be suitable for pet transportation;

· The pet must be able to stand in a natural position in the closed container, as well as to lie down and turn without any difficulties;

· Transport containers must be leak-proof, escape-proof, and claw-proof. They should be clean as well;

· There must be enough food and water in the container so that the pet does not feel hungry or thirsty during the flight. Food and drink containers should be protected from spilling;

· The container must have proper ventilation on at least 3 sides;

· It is prohibited to use containers with wheels for pet transportation in the hold.

The maximum number of pets allowed to travel with one owner is usually 5 pets (including the baggage of the passenger).

If you plan a journey with your pets, please, contact the Aegean Call Center at 8 10 30 21 0626 1000. There is a limited number of pets transported on each flight, so you should book your place in advance.

In addition to the transport container requirements, check the health regulations of the airline that you must consider:

· Only pets that are 12 weeks old and older are allowed to travel with Aegean Airlines;

· All pets must have a valid rabies vaccination. This means that a minimum period of 21 days has elapsed since the introduction of the vaccine;

· The vaccination must be carried out after the implementation of the microchip;

· Pets must be clean, healthy, harmless, not pregnant, and calm. They should behave well not to disturb other passengers;

· It is prohibited to give sedatives to the pet before the flight.

Only pets with proper documentation are transported by Aegean Airlines:

· You and your pet should check in at least one hour before the flight. If you depart from the Athens or Thessaloniki airports, you should use check-in desks for passengers with pets;

· Pets must have required microchips;

· The pet owner has to provide a health book that includes all information about pet vaccinations and examinations;

· If the pet travels with an authorized person, an official declaration from the owner must be provided;

· It is possible to check in online, but you must get your boarding pass at the airport.

When you prepare for a journey abroad, pay attention to the governmental requirements of the country you are going to. These are regulations on the import, export, and transit of pets. As a rule, you can find them online on the Ministry of Food and Animal website. Always make sure that your pet meets the requirements of your destination country.

Aegean Airlines doesn’t transport animals to the UK, except for the flights to Heathrow Airport. In this case, pets can be transported only as cargo.

When you travel to the UK and other European countries, you also have to provide a pet passport. You can find more information on traveling with pets within the EU on the official EU website.

There are a few situations when pets can be transported only as cargo. The company offers you cargo service when:

· Pets are traveling without an owner or an authorized person;

· The transport container’s dimensions exceed the required norm: 105 x 75 x 79 cm;

· The destination country is the UK.

If you still have questions about the pet transport policy, use the official Aegean Airlines website.

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