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Air Canada

Air Canada is Canada's largest airline. The company allows pets in the cabin and the baggage hold on most of its flights. If your pet travels unaccompanied, you can use the service of Air Canada Cargo.

It is recommended to book your pet as soon as possible after you have decided on your flight and departure time. You can do it by contacting Customer Support at 1-888-247-2262. While booking, you should provide the company with the dimensions of your container, weight and breed of your pet. On the departure day, make sure you check in for your flight at least 30 minutes before your flight.

If you travel with a small dog or cat, it can be taken into the aircraft cabin as long as the combined weight of the pet and its carrier is less than 10 kg. The transport bag or container, along with your pet, is considered hand luggage and must be kept under the seat in front of you during the whole flight. Air Canada allows from 2 to 4 pets in the cabin on the same flight, so it is necessary to book in advance.

On domestic flights (including flights between Canada and the US), the pet fee is $50 per way. On international flights, the pet fee is $100 (including flights from/to Hawaii) per way.

When planning a journey, make sure you have the right pet carrier:

  • The maximum dimensions of the hard-sided container must not exceed 23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm;

  • The maximum dimensions of the soft-sided bag are 27 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm;

  • The transport bag/container must be well-ventilated;

  • There must be enough space for the pet to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. No part of the pet may extend beyond the carrier. Your pet may be denied travel if the bag/container is too small for the pet;

  • The pet must remain in the container placed under the seat during the whole flight.

Pet containers larger than the maximum size may be transported in the baggage hold if their weight does not exceed 45 kg or the dimensions are not larger than 292 cm (length + width + height).

Air Canada allows cats and dogs over 12 weeks old to travel in the hold on some flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada Express, Jazz, Sky Regional, Air Georgian or Exploits Valley Air. It is allowed to transport up to 2 pets per passenger. You can carry 2 pets in the same container if they are used to living together, belong to the same species and each pet weighs less than 14 kg.

On domestic flights (including flights between Canada and the US), the pet fee ranges from $105 to $120.75 per way. On international flights, the pet fee ranges from $270 to $318.60 (including flights from/to Hawaii) per way.

Please note that if the temperature in the hold is too low, Air Canada may refuse to transport pets there.

If you need to transport your pet unaccompanied, or if your pet does not meet the size requirements for transportation in the hold, you can use the service of Air Canada Cargo. For further information, contact Air Canada Cargo (AC Animals) at (617) 567-6103.

Other Air Canada pet restrictions

  • One emotional support dog is allowed per passenger if approved through Air Canada Medical Assistance at least 48 hours before the flight;

  • Underage passengers are not allowed to transport pets in the cabin;

  • Pet owners cannot be seated in the exit row or next to the emergency exit;

  • Pets are not allowed in the Premium Economy cabin;

  • Air Canada does not carry brachycephalic (snub-nosed) dogs and cats in the baggage hold.

When getting ready for the journey, pay attention to the governmental pet import policy in the destination/transit country. You may be required some additional documentation and vaccinations. Visit our website’s “International Travel” section to find further information.

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