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Air China

Air China is China's main airline and the country's largest airline. The company allows pets on most of its flights in the hold as checked baggage.

There is a limit of pets (dogs and cats) that can be carried on one aircraft at the same time. It is allowed to transport up to 2 animals on each flight. If you want to travel with a pet, you reserve a place for it after making your reservation. You can do it at any of the company’s ticket offices or by calling customer service at +80086100999. After making a request, you will be asked to fill out an application form for the carriage of small animals.

Please note that Air China does not carry pets in the cabin. Your pet can be transported only in the baggage hold of the aircraft under the following conditions:

  • The combined weight of the animal and carrier must not exceed 45 kg on domestic flights and 32 kg on international flights;

  • You can transport no more than two animals weighing up to 14 kg each, accustomed to living together and not showing aggressive behavior, in one carrier, cage or container;

  • Animals weighing over 14 kg must be transported separately;

  • Otherwise, 3 animals of the same litter under 6 months of age may be transported together if they get along well and have enough space in the carrier or container.

Requirements for transport cages and containers

  • Containers and cages must be strong and bite-proof;

  • The bottom of the container should be covered with absorbent material;

  • There must be enough space for the pet to stand up and move comfortably inside the container;

  • The container/cage must have proper ventilation on at least three sides;

Air China’s requirements for transporting pets

1. The passenger must request the transportation of small pets at the time of booking, at least 24 hours before the flight departure. After that, the passenger must fill out the "Application for the carriage of small animals" with all the necessary information about the pet. When making a request, it is not necessary to provide a pet and the required documents.

2. Transportation of small pets must be accompanied by valid documents required under the laws of the People's Republic of China, or valid documents that meet the requirements of the destination country, such as a health certificate and a quarantine certificate.

3. Air China may refuse to carry a small animal that is pregnant or has just given birth within 48 hours.

4. The passenger's request to transport a pet is subject to the approval of the airline.

5. The passenger must deliver the pet to the airport for check-in and provide all the required documents no later than 120 minutes before the departure time.

6. Small animals must be checked at the airport at least 120 minutes before the departure time. The pet fees must be paid at the airport.

7. Please note that at Hong Kong Airport, small animals cannot be checked in as baggage and can be carried only as cargo.

Freight transportation of animals

Pets that exceed the weight allowed for the baggage hold may be carried as cargo. Air China Cargo has offices around the world. For more information about transporting pets as cargo, please call the Reservations Department at 0044 203 876 1717.

Additional information about transporting pets

  • A passenger who needs to travel with a pet (cat or dog) must provide a veterinary health certificate entitling the animal to enter, exit and cross China's borders and a valid international veterinary passport;

  • Extra baggage fees apply for small animals and their containers;

  • Air China is not responsible if the destination country refuses entry to a small pet carried by a passenger, or if it is injured, escaped, ill or dies in the course of normal transportation;

  • Please note that Air China has the right to refuse the carriage of any wild or dangerous animals.

When getting ready for a journey, remember to check the pet import policy in the country you are going to visit. Visit our website’s “International Travel” section to find out more about your destination.

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