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Air Malta

Air Malta is the largest airline in Malta. On its flights, you can travel with your pet in the cabin and transport it as baggage or cargo. Air Malta allows the transportation of dogs and cats, as well as birds, hares, rabbits, and ferrets, under certain circumstances.

If you go on a journey with a small dog or cat that weighs less than 10 kg, including the transport container, you can bring it into the cabin with you. However, there are several requirements you should follow:

· Book a service for your pet while booking a flight for you. You can do it online at or contact the Customer Call Center at +356 21 662 211;

· Your pet must be 15 weeks old or older;

· It must have been weaned for a minimum of five days;

· The pet must be examined by a licensed veterinarian 3 days before departure. It must be stated and written in the Pet Passport that the pet is healthy and ready for the journey;

· Each passenger is allowed to take up to 2 pets in one container if they are of the same kind;

· Only adults are allowed to travel with pets;

· Pets must be transported in special transport containers or bags that are well-ventilated, leak-proof, strong, safe, and clean;

· The maximum dimensions of the container: 40 x 34 x 20 cm;

· Your pet must be able to stand in a natural position in the closed container, as well as to lie down and turn around without any difficulties;

· The container must be placed under the seat in front of the pet owner. It is prohibited to open the container during the flight and let the pet out of it;

· Passengers with pets cannot sit next to an over wing, main exit, and restricted seats. The only possible seats for pet owners are window seats.

Transportation of pets in the aircraft cabin is a non-refundable service that costs 70 euros per flight. Pets are not transported to the UK in the cabin due to the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs regulations.

If your pet’s weight exceeds 10 kg (including the container) or if you need to transport other species such as birds, hares, rabbits, and ferrets, you may book a place for your pet in the baggage hold. The space for baggage is limited, so you have to register your pet for the flight at least 5 working days before the departure. You need to fill in a special formto give the company the following information:

· Your booking code;

· Your name and surname;

· E-mail address;

· Contact phone numbers;

· Airports of departure and arrival;

· Flight number and date of your journey;

· Pet details;

· Weight of your pet, including the container, in kilos;

· Dimensions of the container.

You have to provide a pet passport for your dog, cat, or ferret to make a reservation. Owners of ferrets, hares, rabbits, and birds must provide a health certificate. Moreover, all pets must be vaccinated against rabies and have appropriate documentation proving that fact. Documents must be valid for the moment of the journey.

There are several conditions for transporting pets in the baggage hold as well:

· Only pets with a pet passport or other relevant documents in English can be transported as checked baggage;

· Air Malta allows to transport 2 dogs, cats, ferrets, hares, and rabbits of the same kind in one container;

· Each passenger can have up to 2 containers with pets;

· Up to seed-eating 10 birds in one container are allowed per passenger;

· Cats and dogs cannot be transported to the UK as checked baggage;

· The transport container must comply with the IATA regulations;

· The maximum height of the container is 100 cm;

· The maximum volumetric weight of the container is 60 kg. For birds, it is 10 kg. Use this formula to measure the volumetric weight of your container: LxBxH(cm)/6000;

· If your pet’s documents or transport container do not meet the requirements, you may be refused pet transportation. Air Malta is not responsible for the additional expenses of passengers in such situations;

· At the departure airport, pets must be checked in at least 2 hours before departure. At the arrival airport, you can take your pet from the baggage area in the arrival hall.

Transportation of pets as checked baggage is a non-refundable service, except in the event of flight cancellations by the airline. It is charged 70 euros to transport a small pet (1-10 kg, including the container), 100 euros per a medium-sized pet (11-20 kg), and 150 euros per a large pet (21-32 kg).

If it isn’t possible to transport your pet in the cabin or as checked baggage, you can use the service of Air Malta Cargo. Animals that weigh more than 32 kg or are not accompanied by the owner also travel as cargo. To book your pet, please, contact the Cargo Department at +356 2247 3700. In addition, make sure you comply with the following conditions:

· Your pet is allowed to be transported as cargo;

· The volumetric weight of the transport crate may exceed 60 kg;

· The maximum height of the crate is 110 cm.

Other general pet transport conditions:

1. If your journey includes flights with other airlines, familiarize yourself with their pet transport policies. Check if the transportation of pets by other carriers is also possible and prepare the required documentation.

2. Passengers that travel with dangerous animals can only check in at the airport. It is not possible to check in online. All passengers should arrive at the check-in desk at least two hours before the departure.

3. Guide dogs travel in the cabin with their owners. This service is free of charge.

4. Sometimes Air Malta cancels its flights due to high loads. Passengers are always given the current information about it at the time of booking.

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