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American Airlines

American Airlines is a national US company that operates flights to more than 150 countries. Pets can be transported in the passenger cabin on American Airlines flights or as cargo with American Airlines Cargo. The company transports checked pets (excluding brachycephalic breeds) in the hold only when their owners are Active-duty U.S. Military and State Department personnel.

On board, passengers may only carry cats and dogs except for some breeds. Other animals can only travel as cargo.

There is a limit to pets that can be transported on the same flight. A maximum of 7 pets are allowed on American Airlines flights at the same time. If you plan to travel with your pet, you should contact Customer Service at 800-433-7300 in advance to ensure a place for your pet. A place is reserved when your pet is confirmed by the airline.

Please note that American Airlines may ban pets due to weather conditions. If the air temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius or drops below 7 degrees Celsius, your pet will not be accepted on the flight.

American Airlines allows the carriage of small pets (at least 8 weeks old) in the cabin of the aircraft as long as the total weight of the animal, including the carrier, does not exceed 9 kg. If you want to take your pet on board with you, consider the conditions of the company:

· Only one container with one pet per passenger is allowed in the cabin;

· Before the flight, you must pay a fee of 125$ per container for transporting your pet;

· Pets must remain in the carrier with the door closed throughout the flight. The carrier bag should be safely placed under the seat in front of its owner;

· If you carry a transport bag or container with a pet into the cabin, you are not allowed to take your own hand luggage in addition to it. In this case, the pet container replaces hand luggage.

The pet owner is the only one responsible for the health and well-being of the pet transported in the cabin, so choosing the right transport bag or container is important. The following rules apply:

· The dimensions of hard-sided containers must not exceed 48 x 33 x 22 cm on American Airlines flights (and 40 x 30 x 20 cm on American Eagle flights);

· The dimensions of soft-sided bags should not exceed 46 x 28 x 28 cm. However, soft-sided bags may be slightly larger, provided that the bag fits under the seat without undue deformation;

· There must be enough space inside the container for the animal to stand up, lie down and turn around;

· Containers must be made of wood, metal or plastic;

· Transport bags and containers must be leak-proof and well-ventilated;

· The doors of the container or transport bag must be securely fastened. They must also have a water tank with outside access for filling.

If your pet weighs more than 9 kg (including the carrier), it can be transported with American Airlines cargo. It is allowed to carry a maximum of two animals in the cargo hold if they meet the minimum age and health requirements determined by your destination. Due to the limited number of places, animals are accepted for transportation on a first-come, first-served basis. To register an animal, you must:

1. contact the Reservation Department at least 48 hours before departure to confirm your pet and make a reservation;

2. register for the flight at the airport;

3. provide additional time for checking in an animal for transportation;

4. fill out a checklist for accepting live animals for transportation in the presence of an airport employee;

5. provide a health certificate from a veterinarian.

To make sure your pet is healthy and safe, the company accepts health certificates issued within the following timeframes:

· 10 days before your trip;

· 60 days before the return flight (on the same ticket);

· 10 days before the return flight (on a different ticket).

It is essential to choose the appropriate container for transporting your pet as cargo. The following rules apply:

· The container must be clean, leak-proof, escape-proof, secured and well-ventilated (on at least 3 sides);

· It must be made from rigid plastic, metal, or wood;

· The bottom of the container must be covered with an absorbent blanket or towel;

· You must attach food and drink containers to the inside of the container. They must be fillable from the outside;

· The maximum dimensions of the container differ depending on the type of aircraft that your pet is transported on. To get more information, please contact the Reservation Department of American Airlines cargo.

In accordance with federal regulations, you must provide a document in writing that contains the following:

· Information that the animal was fed and watered 4 hours (with an indication of the exact time) before the flight;

· Information about the food, which is securely stuck to the container on the outside in a visible place;

· Your signature, date and time of signing the document.

In addition, you will need to include instructions on how to water and feed the animal for 24 hours. "Do not feed or water" recommendations are not accepted unless instructed by a veterinarian.

Before booking your flight, remember to check the relevant rules governing traveling with animals in your destination country and the general rules for keeping pets. For further information, visit our website’s “International Travel” section.

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