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British Airways

British Airways is a flag carrier and the biggest airline company in the UK. Its headquarters are situated in London, near Heathrow Airport. The company allows the transportation of pets on some flights.

Flights with pets can be carried out only if your pet is travelling in the hold. It is prohibited to carry emotional support dogs in the cabin as well. The exception is service dogs, which can be transported in the cabin for free. However, the number of dogs carried in the cabin may be limited.

Transportation of pets from the UK

British Airways works with PetAir UK, which is a special service for transportation of pets. PetAir UK employs qualified veterinary surgeons who are in charge of the pet safety and comfort during the flight.

Transportation of pets to the UK

If you need to transport your pet to the UK, you can use the services of IAG Cargo, the sister company of British Airways. They have been transporting pets from all over the world for years, so they will take good care of your pet.

IAG Cargo rules

· Carriers must be strong and secure enough, so your pet does not get hurt. Chipboard or braided carriers are not suitable for air transport;

· Containers must have sufficient ventilation on all 4 sides of it;

· The dog's nose and paws must not pass through a vent or door screen;

· Bowls for water and food should be attached inside the carrier;

· Pets must be able to stand and sit upright without touching the top of the container;

· The dimensions of the pet container must not exceed 53 cm x 40 cm x 38 cm.

To book a place for your pet, please contact IAG Cargo at + 8444 727 400.

You can also fly within Europe with SUN-AIR, franchise partner of British Airways. It allows the transportation of service dogs in the cabin, as well as small pets up to 6 kg. SUN-AIR has several requirements for the transportation of pets:

· Pets must be transported in a waterproof bag or cage with a maximum size of 20 x 30 x 20 cm;

· Owners must prepare all documentation of pets in advance;

· Only one pet is allowed on board of the airplane during the flight.

If you want to use the service of SUN-AIR, contact it at +45 75 33 16 11 at least 72 hours before the departure to book a place for your pet. Be aware that SUN-AIR does not allow pets on flights to the UK.

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