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Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines is the national airline of the Czech Republic, with its headquarters in Prague. The company allows pets in the aircraft cabin or the hold on most of its flights.

While planning your journey, check the pet import regulations of your destination country. Some countries do not allow the transportation of pets in the cabin and the hold, so your pet can only be transported there as cargo. Besides, additional requirements may apply. It is important to collect all necessary vaccination certificates and other documents well before the journey. For more information, you can visit the section “International Travel” on our website.

If you choose Czech Airlines as your carrier, you need to know about the company’s regulations and restrictions on pet transportation. On Czech Airlines flights, there is a limit of 3 crates with pets allowed in the cabin. Due to the limitation, you should book your pet at the time of booking your tickets. You can get further information on pet bookings by calling the Reservation Department at +420 284 000 605.

Depending on the size, weight, and kind of your pet, it can be transported in the cabin or the hold. If you want to take your pet with you in the passenger cabin, you should consider the following requirements:

· Only dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin;

· The weight of the pet must not exceed 8 kg, including the transport container;

· The maximum dimensions of the transport container are: 43 x 30 x 27 cm;

· The container must have a hard, waterproof bottom;

· Only one container with a pet is allowed per passenger;

· It must be placed under the seat in front of the pet’s owner during the flight;

· The pet must be completely healthy. Otherwise, it will not be accepted for the flight and will need to get approval from the airport’s veterinarian;

· Transportation of the pet in the cabin is charged 75 euros per direction;

· Due to safety issues, passengers with pets cannot be seated on the exit row.

Passengers with assistance dogs can also take them in the cabin. Assistance dogs travel free of charge, but there are certain conditions, as well. The dog must be professionally trained and have a training certificate. It must be harmless and wear a leash during the flight. However, these rules do not apply to emotional support dogs. They are transported subject to general requirements.

If your pet is not suitable for transportation in the cabin, it can be transported in the baggage hold. Dogs and cats travel in the hold according to the following conditions:

· The weight of the pet must not exceed 32 kg, including the transport container;

· The maximum dimensions of the container are 130 x 69 x 80 cm;

· The transport container must be sturdy, waterproof, and well-ventilated;

· You are allowed to put some food and water for your pet inside the container;

· There must be a label with the name and phone number of the owner attached to the container;

· Check-in usually begins at least 60 minutes before the departure time;

· Transportation of the pet in the cabin is charged 150 euros per direction.

Animals with a total weight of more than 32 kg, including the transport container, and other types of animals except for dogs and cats, are transported as cargo for an additional fee. You can contact the sales agent in your country to get further information on cargo service.

Contacts of the cargo sales office in London: +442087574730,

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