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Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East. The company is headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

All animals are carried in accordance with the pet transportation rules. The ticket reservation and payment for the transportation of animals must be made before the departure day.

Emirates does not transport pets in the cabin except for assistance dogs. Other pets (cats, dogs and pet birds) are accepted in the baggage hold or transported as cargo. Contact the reservation department at +443448002777 to manage your booking.

Pets are transported in the hold under the following conditions:

· The total duration of the trip (including the time of transfer) must not exceed 17 hours. Otherwise, the pet may be accepted only as cargo;

· The number of pets transported in the hold on Emirates flights is not limited. However, there might be a limitation on particular routes;

· Two adult animals can be transported in the same container if the weight of each pet does not exceed 14 kg;

· Pets weighing more than 14 kg must be transported in separate containers;

· The cost of pet transportation is between USD 500 and USD 800, and it depends on the weight and size of each animal in the container;

· The maximum dimensions of the container must not exceed 300 cm.

Pets are transported as cargo when:

· The container with a pet is larger than 300 cm;

· The route ends in Dubai;

· The total time of the journey is longer than 17 hours;

· The destination country does not allow pets to be transported in the hold.

For more information about the transportation of pets in the cargo hold, please contact Emirates SkyCargo using a form online.

Carrier rules

1. All animals transported by Emirates must have a valid import permit issued by the country of destination and a valid health certificate (including vaccination records);

2. For animals traveling with Emirates, the animal's travel container must always display the 24-hour emergency contact number and optimum temperature for transport;

3. Emirates does not accept pregnant animals (more than one-third (1/3) pregnant or give birth within 48 hours before the flight);

4. Emirates is not responsible for the transportation of pets on other airlines’ flights.

It is important to check the rules in your destination country before traveling. The pet import requirements may include identification documents, veterinary certificates or mandatory vaccinations. Please visit our website’s “International Travel” section for further information.

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