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Finnair is the flag carrier and the largest airline in Finland. With Finnair, you can transport your pet in the aircraft cabin, in the hold, or as cargo.

When you plan your journey, you should first check the requirements of the airline that you choose. As for Finnair, the company has several restrictions, so you should make sure that pet transportation is available on your route. Depending on the size, weight, and kind of animal, your pet may be allowed in the cabin, in the hold, or only be accepted as cargo. In our article, you will find more information about Finnair’s requirements for pet transportation.

Passengers with pets must book trips in advance, as there is a limit of pets that can be transported on each flight. If you want to bring a pet with you in the cabin, inform the company of your intention at the time of booking. If your pet can only go to the aircraft hold, you must book a place for it no later than 3 weeks before the flight. After booking, you have to pay for your pet. You can find a link for payment on the Finnair website.

Requirements on pet transportation differ for pets in the cabin and the hold. Small pets, such as small cats and dogs, rabbits, tortoises, and hedgehogs are allowed in the cabin. In this case, the weight of the pet and its transport container must not exceed 8 kg. In addition to this, make sure your pet complies with the following requirements:

· Your pet must travel in its transport container or bag;

· The maximum dimensions of the soft pet carrier are 55 x 40 x 23 cm. The maximum dimensions of the hard container are 35 x 30 x 20 cm;

· The carrier must be placed under the seat in front of the pet owner;

· It is prohibited to open the container and let the pet out during the flight, before coming to the arrival terminal at the destination airport;

· The container must be comfortable for your pet, so it can stand in the natural position, turn around and lie down without any difficulties;

· A soft transport bag can only be used if it is waterproof and has a breathable mesh at the front side;

· Due to the IATA regulations, transport containers must have a solid bottom;

· It is possible to transport up to 2 adult pets or 3 puppies (not older than 6 months) in one container if their total weight does not exceed the norm;

· If you are traveling with a puppy, it must be at least eight weeks old, weaned, and able to eat on its own;

· Passengers with pets are usually seated in the tail section of the airplane;

· Pets are not allowed in Business Class on Finnair intercontinental flights.

Finnair allows assistance dogs on board as well. They travel in the cabin with the owner free of charge. You will find more information on traveling with an assistance dog here.

Bigger animals that weigh more than 8 kg cannot travel in the cabin. In this case, you can book a place in the hold for your pet. The hold section is air-conditioned and well-heated for the comfort of pets. Due to safety issues, there is no light. Finnair has several regulations that will make the flight safer and more comfortable for your pet:

· The total weight of the pet and its container must not exceed 75 kg on Finnair flights and 50 kg on Norra flights. Otherwise, the pet can only be transported as cargo;

· The transport container must comply with IATA regulations. It must be comfortable for your pet, so it can stand in the natural position, turn around and lie down without any difficulties;

· For pets weighing more than 40 kg, choose a strong container;

· It is possible to transport up to 2 adult pets or 3 puppies (not older than 6 months) from the same litter in one container. In this case, the weight of each pet must not exceed 14 kg;

· Passengers are not allowed to enter the hold during the flight;

· After the flight, you will get your pet at the arrivals zone.

For the passengers who have a connecting flight at Helsinki Airport: you will have to take your pet and check in for the next flight on your own during the transit if it travels in the hold.

Flying by place can be a stressful experience for your pet, so follow these recommendations to prepare it for the flight:

· Familiarize your pet with the transport container/bag a couple of weeks before the journey;

· On the day of the journey, feed your pet with some food and water several hours before the departure. It is important not to give your pet any food just before the flight to prevent the risk of nausea;

· If you travel with your pet in the cabin, you can also bring a blanket with you. Pets often sleep during flights, so it can make your pet feel more comfortable.

When you come to the airport with your pet, please follow these steps:

· You have to check in for the flight at the check-in desk at the airport;

· During check-in, you need to provide all the pet’s documentation;

· Make sure you have paid for the pet transportation and have a payment receipt with you;

It can be impossible to transport a pet in the cabin or the hold due to some restrictions. Use the service of Finnair Cargo if:

· Your pet weighs more than 50 kg, including the transport container, and cannot be accepted in the hold;

· You want to transport a rodent or an exotic animal, such as a snake, lizard, etc.;

· Your pet is not accompanied by you or any authorized people;

· Your destination country prohibits the transportation of pets in the cabin and the hold. Such countries are, for example, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

If you decide to transport your pet as cargo, you will have to deliver it to the cargo terminal and pick it up from the cargo terminal at the destination. The fee for cargo transportation depends on the size and weight of your pet and its container.

Different countries have different pet policies. Some countries may have entry restrictions for certain animals or breeds. Don’t forget to check the current regulations of your destination country online or contact its embassy. If you are looking for some additional information, please visit the “International Travel” section on our website.

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