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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the flag carrier of the Netherlands. The company allows pets in the cabin and the hold on most of its flights.

Since most flights have a limited number of places for pets, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recommends booking a place for a pet no later than 24 hours after booking the ticket, but at least 48 hours before departure. You can contact KLM Customer Contact Centre by phone at +44 20 76 60 02 93 (+1 800 618 0104 in the USA) once you have made your travel plans, or you can book your pet online. Remember that your pet must be 15 weeks old or older to be allowed on KLM flights.

If you travel with a small dog or cat, you can take it with you in the cabin. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines allows 1 animal per passenger in Economy Class on most of its flights and in Business Class on flights within Europe. Fees for transporting a pet vary by destination. The pet is accepted in the cabin if:

· The total weight of an animal and a transport bag does not exceed 8 kg;

· The dimensions of the transport bag/container do not exceed 46 x 28 x 24 cm;

· The pet must be able to stand in the natural position, turn around and lie down without any difficulties in the transport bag;

· Pets must remain under the seat in front of the owner in the bag during the flight. It is prohibited to let the pet out of the transport bag.

There are a few restrictions on the transportation of pets in the cabin. Pets are not allowed in Premium Comfort Class and Business Class on intercontinental routes, as there is no place under the seats for the pets. Passengers with pets cannot be seated near the emergency exit and in the first row of the aircraft cabin.

Pets that are not suitable for transportation in the cabin of an aircraft can be transported in a ventilated part of the baggage hold on most KLM flights. These are usually pets, that weigh more than 8 kg or travel in a bigger container than is allowed. In this case, the following requirements must be considered:

· The total weight of your pet and container together must not exceed 75 kg;

· The maximum dimensions of the container must not exceed 122 x 81 x 89 cm on KLM flights (or 102 x 69 x 76 cm on KLM Cityhopper flights);

· The pet must be able to stand in the natural position, turn around and lie down without any difficulties in the container;

· The container must have fiberglass or rigid plastic walls;

· The door must have locks on the top and bottom of it. The hinges and locking pins must protrude beyond the horizontal projections above and below the doorway by at least 1.6 cm;

· You must provide 2 empty containers or 1 food bowl with 2 compartments for food and water. They must be fixed inside the container, and it must be possible to fill them from the outside. Do not forget to attach a label on the container with the pet’s name and feeding instructions;

· It is prohibited to use containers with wheels. If you have a wheeled transport container, you have to remove them;

· You must place a blanket, newspaper, or other absorbent material on the floor of the container.

You can transport up to 2 adult animals of similar size or 3 young animals (no older than 6 months old) of the same litter. In this situation, make sure that each of your pets does not weigh more than 14 kg.

There are a few restrictions on the transportation of pets in the hold as well. You cannot transport your pet if your transfer is longer than 3 hours, if you travel on a Boeing 787-9 or 787-10 aircraft, or if you want to transport a snub-nosed animal. Pets are not allowed in the hold on connecting flights in Paris.

Snub-nosed animals such as Boxers, Bulldogs, Pekingese, and Persian cats can have some breathing problems during the flight due to high temperatures and stress. To ensure their safety, most snub-nosed breeds of animals cannot be transported in the hold. If you travel with one of these breeds, you can take your pet to the cabin or transport it as cargo.

Cost of transportation and transfer

There is a fee of between €75 and €400 for pet transportation per one-way ticket, depending on the destination. Also, if your pet is traveling in the hold and the Amsterdam Schiphol airport transfer lasts 3 hours or longer, you will have to pay an additional fee of €150 to cover pet care during the transfer.

If you are transporting more than 3 pets, you need to use the cargo service. A pet must also be transported as Air France-KLM Cargo if:

· Your pet and container together weigh over 75 kg;

· The dimensions of the container exceed the norm of 122 x 81 x 89 on KLM flights (or 102 x 69 x 76 cm on KLM Cityhopper flights);

· Your pet is traveling unaccompanied;

· Your pet is traveling to a country where the authorities only allow pets to be transported as cargo.

KLM advises following these steps to prepare for the journey with a pet:

· Let your pet get used to its transport bag or container for at least 5 days before the flight;

· Do not feed your pet and give it any water for 2 hours before departure. Walk your dog just before you leave for the airport;

· Do not tranquilize your pet because it can badly affect its health. You can do it only after a consultation with a veterinarian;

· Familiarize yourself with this checklist before going to the airport;

· Arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your scheduled departure time.

Do not forget to collect all travel documents and vaccination certificates in advance. It is recommended to consult the embassies of the countries of departure, transfer, and destination to find out what documents are required and what rules apply when transporting your pet. You can find further information on our website, in the “International Travel” section.

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