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LATAM Airlines

LATAM Airlines is considered the largest airline in South America. The company allows the carriage of pets in the aircraft cabin or the baggage hold of the aircraft.

Pet owners must request pet transportation services at least 48 hours before their flight. As this service is subject to availability, you should request it immediately after booking by calling Customer Service at 1 866 435 9526. You will need a certificate from a veterinarian issued no later than 10 days before the flight, confirming that your pet is healthy to travel.

The company allows pets on board, which are:

  • Healthy;

  • Obedient;

  • At least 8 weeks old (to travel to/from the US, the pet must be at least 4 months old);

  • Transported in suitable containers provided by their owners;

  • Not sedated and meet all travel requirements.

If the weight of the pet and the bag/container does not exceed 7 kg, you can transport it in the cabin of the aircraft. Pets travel on board under the following conditions:

  • Your pet must be over 8 weeks old (or over 4 months old when traveling to/from the US);

  • The maximum dimensions of a soft-sided bag are 36 x 33 x 23 cm;

  • The maximum dimensions of a hard-sided container are 36 x 33 x 19 cm;

  • There must be enough space for the pet to stand up, lie down and turn around comfortably inside the container;

  • The bag/container must not have wheels;

  • It must be bite-proof;

  • The container must be placed under the seat in front of the pet owner;

  • For safety reasons, the company does not seat passengers with pets in the front row or emergency exit row;

  • It is prohibited to open the container during the whole flight.

The pet fee for flights within Brazil is $20; within Colombia – $20; within Ecuador – $45; within Peru – $45; Chile, Argentina and between Asuncion and Ciudad del Este – $75; other countries in South America – $200; and on all other international flights – $250.

Pets over 8 weeks old weighing more than 7 kg (including the container) can travel in the hold on LATAM flights. To prepare your pet for the flight, consider the following requirements:

  • On routes to/from Europe, Oceania, Argentina and Aruba, or on connections with IB, BA, QF and AC, the maximum weight for pets is 32 kg;

  • For other destinations, the maximum weight is 45 kg;

  • The maximum dimensions of the container must not exceed 300 cm in total;

  • There must be enough space for the pet to stand up, lie down and turn around comfortably. The pet’s head must not touch the top of the container;

  • The bottom of the container must be covered with absorbent material;

  • The container must be waterproof and well-ventilated with holes on at least 3 sides;

  • In the hold, you can carry up to 2 adult dogs of the same size, weighing no more than 14 kg each, and up to 3 puppies of the same litter under the age of 6 months in one carrier;

  • According to LATAM pet policy, small pets weigh under 23 kg, medium pets – 24 to 32 kg, and large pets – 33 to 45 kg.

Flights within Ecuador or Colombia cost $50 for small pets, $65 for medium pets and $80 for large pets. Flights within Chile, Peru, Argentina and Paraguay cost $60 for small pets, $80 for medium pets and $100 for large pets; within Brazil cost 500 reais for small pets, 700 reais for medium pets and 900 reais for large pets. Pet transportation on regional flights costs $125 for small pets, $200 for medium pets and $275 for large pets. On International flights you will have to pay $150 for small pets, $225 for medium pets and $300 for large pets.

Other LATAM restrictions

For the safety of your pet, snub-nosed dogs are not allowed to fly in the cabin or hold.

The following dog breeds are prohibited for carriage on LATAM Airlines flights: Affenpinscher, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, American Bully, Akita Ken, Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Argentine Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Bordeaux Mastiff, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog (all breeds), Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff, Chow Chow, English Toy Spaniel, Brussels Griffin, Japanese Chin (Japanese Spaniel), Lhasa Apso, English Mastiff, Pekingese, Pug (all breeds), Chinese Shar Pei, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Spaniel, Bull Terrier, Brazilian Mastiff, Rottweiler, Japanese Tosa, American Staffordshire Terrier, English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Neapolitan Mastiff and Presa Canario (Canarian Mastiff).

Remember to check the relevant pet import policy in your destination country. For further information, visit our website’s “International Travel” section.

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