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TAP Air Portugal

Tap Air Portugal is Portugal's flag carrier, based at Lisbon Airport. The company transports pets in the cabin and as checked baggage in the hold of the aircraft on most of its flights, depending on the breed and size of animals.

If you plan a journey with Tap Air Portugal, you need to book a place for your pet by calling +(44) 345 350 0100 (+ 1 800 903 79 14 in the US) at least 48 hours before departure. Please note that only dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin. Other animals may be transported as cargo. The company needs the following information to provide your pet a place on board:

· Breed of your pet;

· Number of animals you want to transport;

· Dimensions and kind of your bag/container;

· Weight of your pet, including the carrier.

Wherever you fly, you must always carry the container you specified when booking, which must be appropriate for the size of the animal, as well as enough food and water for the animal for the entire journey.

If your pet weighs no more than 8 kg, including the carrier, it can be transported in the cabin. Transportation of pets in the cabin must comply with the following requirements for the safety of animals and passengers:

· One transport bag/carry case with pet(s) is allowed per passenger. If you want to take more than one pet, they must be of the same species and cannot exceed the maximum weight;

· There must be enough space in the bag/case for the pet to stand in its natural position, turn around and lie down;

· The carrier must be soft, waterproof, clean and odorless;

· You must place the carrier with a pet under the seat in front of you;

· The pet must be inside the carrier during the flight, including its head and tail;

· Pets must be healthy, clean and they mustn’t disturb other passengers;

· You cannot transport pets in Executive class on long-haul flights (except for guide dogs on some of these flights).

Animals weighing more than 8 kg (including the carrier) can be transported in the hold. Transportation of pets in the hold depends on the breed and weight of the animal, as well as the available seat and acceptability in the country of destination. If you choose to transport your pet in the hold, consider the following rules:

· Total weight of a pet and a container must not exceed 32 kg on flights to/from or with transit in the USA, Hungary, France and the Netherlands;

· Total weight of a pet and a container must not exceed 45 kg on other routes;

· The transport container must be hard and comply with IATA Live Animals Regulations;

· It must be well-ventilated, covered with absorbent material inside and have containers for food and water in it;

· There must be enough space in the container for the pet to stand in its natural position, turn around and lie down;

· Pets transported in the hold must be 10 weeks old or older;

· It is prohibited to transport brachycephalic breeds of pets in the hold of an aircraft;

Remember that the company reserves the right to refuse transportation of a pet in the cabin and in the hold if it considers that all the necessary conditions for this type of transport have not been met.

If you travel with a pet and have a connecting flight, please note that:

· On some routes, animals can be transported halfway in the cabin and another half – in the hold. These are, for example, flights between the US and Europe;

· If the animal is transported both in the cabin and in the hold, there must be at least 3-hour transit to carry out all necessary procedures;

· If the animal is transported in the aircraft cabin and then in the hold on the second route, you must provide a transport container for the animal at the airport of departure.

Pets that exceed the weight limits for transportation in the cabin and in the hold or travel unaccompanied may be transported with TAP Air Cargo. The fee for this service depends on the route and the weight of an animal:

1. Animals weighing from 45 to 70 kg (including containers) are charged 160 euros on domestic flights, 270 euros on flights to Europe and Morocco, and 380 euros on intercontinental flights;

2. Animals weighing from 70 to 100 kg (including containers) are charged 190 euros on domestic flights, 340 euros on flights to Europe and Morocco, and 480 euros on intercontinental flights.

For further information, you can contact TAP Air Cargo online or call the London office at (+44) 203 432 7810.

When planning a journey with a pet, you must also consider the health regulations and required documents in the country of origin and destination. The following requirements are mandatory for all non-commercial movements of pets on flights between EU countries or non-EU European countries that are members of the European Union Pet Passport:

· The animal must be identified with a microchip. Tattoos are also allowed, but only if they were applied before July 3, 2011;

· You have to provide an EU pet passport issued by a veterinarian authorized by an authorized veterinarian of the country of origin. The EU passport confirms the identification of the animal and vaccination against rabies;

· The pet must be vaccinated against rabies. This must be done no later than the date of microchip implantation;

Before flying with a pet outside of EU member states, it is always recommended to check the regulations and documents required for the non-commercial transport of pets in your destination country.


For further information, you can visit the “International Travel” section on our website.

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