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United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the largest American airlines. The company transports pets in the cabin of the aircraft.

You can transport only dogs and cats with United Airlines. The company accepts 2 pets on most of its flights. To ensure a place for a pet, contact the United Airlines contact center after confirming your trip by phone at 1-800-864-8331 or book your pet online. United Airlines requires passengers to provide at least 5 days before the journey notice for pets traveling with their owners and for unaccompanied pets.

When you get ready for the journey, consider the following conditions of pet transportation:

· Pets must be at least 2 months old on domestic flights and 4 months old on international flights;

· Pets cannot travel accompanied by children;

· Pets must travel on the same flights as their owners;

· Please note that in the event of an emergency, oxygen service will not be available to pets.

If you travel with a small pet (dog or cat), you can transport it in the aircraft cabin. In this case, you must follow the mandatory rules:

· Only small pets can travel in the cabin;

· You can transport your pet in a hard-sided box or soft-sided carrier bag. Remember that United Airlines does not sell pet containers anymore, so you should provide your own;

· The carrier bag or container must have enough space to allow the animal to stand up in its natural position, lie down and turn around;

· The maximum dimensions of the hard-sided box are 19 x 30 x 44 cm;

· The maximum dimensions of the soft-sided carrier are 11 x 27 x 45 cm;

· The pet must remain in the carrier under the seat in front of the owner during the trip;

· At the check-in desk, get a bag tag to attach to the box or carrier;

· The fee for pet transportation in the cabin is $125 per way. If you wish to bring an additional pet with you, you will need to pay an additional $125 for that pet each way.

United Airlines offers their passengers to travel with service animals. If you want to take a service animal with you, remember that it should be a dog at least 4 months old, trained to work for a person with a disability. Only 2 service dogs are allowed per person on United Airlines flights.

The company no longer partners with PetSafe to transport pets as cargo. If your pet does not meet the requirements for the cabin, it cannot be transported with United Airlines. However, you can use another shipping company that carries out cargo transportation of pets.

The following dog breeds are not permitted on United Airlines flights:

· Affenpinscher;

· Belgian Malinois;

· American Mastiff;

· American Pitbull;

· American Staffordshire Terrier;

· Boston Terrier;

· Boerboel;

· Bordeaux;

· Boxer;

· Bulldog (all kinds);

· Bullmastiff;

· Brussels Griffon;

· Cane Corso;

· Charles Spaniel;

· Chow Chow;

· Dogo Argentino;

· English Mastiff;

· English Toy Spaniel;

· Fila Brasileiro;

· Indian Mastiff;

· Japanese Chin;

· Japanese Tosa;

· Kangal;

· Mallorcan Mastiff;

· Neapolitan Mastiff;

· Pakistani Mastiff;

· Pekingese;

· Presa Canario;

· Pug;

· Pyrenean Mastiff;

· Shar Pei;

· Shih Tzu;

· Staffordshire Bull Terrier;

· Tibetan Spaniel.

Before booking your flight, do not forget to check the relevant rules governing traveling with animals in your destination country, as well as the general rules for keeping pets. For further information, visit the “International Travel” section of our website.

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