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Vueling is a low-cost airline based in Spain. The company allows small pets in the cabin on some of its flights.

Vueling permits the transportation of the following species of animals: dogs, cats, birds (except for birds of prey) and turtles (tortoises). However, rodents, lagomorphs, mustelids, farm animals, birds of prey, reptiles and fish are prohibited.

On Vueling flights, only one pet is allowed per passenger. The maximum number of pets transported on each flight is 3. Therefore, booking a place for a pet is necessary as soon as you confirm your travel plans. You can contact the Vueling Customer Service Center at 08701750057 to check the availability of places for pets on your flight. On flights operated by Iberia, the partner of Vueling, only 2 pets are allowed per flight.

Mandatory conditions for the transport of animals

· The pet (dog or cat) must be accompanied by a passport issued by a licensed veterinarian. The passport states that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies between 30 days and 12 months before the journey;

· All dogs and cats must be microchipped;

· If you are traveling within EU or Schengen countries, your pet must be treated against tapeworm.

Vueling allows transportation of pets in the cabin if their weight does not exceed 10 kg, including the pet carrier. When you prepare for the Vueling flight, you must consider the following requirements:

· Animals must be transported in an approved pet carrier that is not rigid. Vueling does not accept homemade containers;

· The maximum dimensions of the carrier are 45 x 39 x 21 cm;

· The carrier must have breathing holes and a waterproof bottom;

· Food and water containers must be securely secured inside the carrier to prevent spillage. Food for the pet can be carried in hand luggage;

· The carrier must be placed under the seat in front of the pet owner;

· The pet must stay inside the carrier during the entire flight;

· It must be healthy, clean, calm and odorless. Otherwise, the pet might be denied transportation upon check-in;

· At the airport, the pet carrier must pass through the scanner along with the leash and food. The pet will pass through the walk-through metal detector.

Please note that pet transportation is unavailable on flights to/from the UK or Ireland.

Vueling does not allow large pets in the hold on flights. The company also does not offer its cargo transportation services. If your pet is too large for the cabin, you must choose another company for your pet’s transportation.

The company allows the transportation of assistance dogs. Assistance dogs are dogs that have been trained to help people with special needs. If you want to fly with an assistance dog, you must provide an official certificate confirming it as an assistance dog or a guide dog. In case you do not provide the certificate, your dog will not be allowed on board.

To book a flight with an assistance dog, you must indicate this when booking your flight online. Assistance dogs travel free of charge.

When traveling with an assistance dog, you must follow these rules:

· The dog must be at least 3 months old and must be identified with a tattoo or a microchip;

· You must provide your dog's vaccination card and, for international flights, its passport. These documents prove that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies between 30 days and 12 months before the flight;

· The dog must fit between the owner's legs or under the seat and be secured with a harness before and during takeoff and landing. Due to safety reasons, assistance dogs should not block the aisle;

· It is recommended to bring something for your dog, for example, a water bowl, blanket, absorbent pads, waste bags and so on.

If you are traveling outside the European Union, remember to check the pet import requirements of your destination country. For further information, you can visit our website’s “International Travel” section.

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