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Requirements for travelling to Albania with pets

Albania is a wonderful place to visit, especially with a pet! There you can relax by the sea, enjoy beautiful local nature, or spend hours learning more about Albanian culture and history. Your dog or cat will be the perfect company for new experiences!

Although Albania is a non-EU country, its pet import regulations are quite the same as in the EU member-states. To make your holiday perfect, remember to collect all the necessary documentation and vaccinate your pet in advance:

· A pet must have a health certificate filled out and signed by an authorized veterinarian. The certificate proves that the pet is completely healthy and ready for the journey;

· Every pet must be identified by a microchip;

· Due to the risk of spreading rabies among animals, all pets entering the country must be vaccinated. The vaccination is considered valid when it is carried out after microchipping, at least 30 days before travel;

· Remember that if you travel with a pet to Albania, it is prohibited to sell it or give it to third parties.

Tourists coming to Albania by plane should arrive at Tirana National Airport. If you need some information on your airline’s pet transportation policy, you can find it on our website here.

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