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Requirements for travelling to Andorra with pets

When you travel to Andorra, you can take your pet (dog or cat) with you. However, your pet must meet all the requirements that apply to pets brought from other countries. This is important in order to avoid the spread of infectious diseases among animals in Andorra.

To be allowed to enter Andorra, your pet must:

• Be identified by a microchip that is compatible with ISO devices. If your pet's microchip is different from established standards, in addition, you will be required to provide a microchip reader;

• Have a valid rabies vaccination completed at least 30 days and no more than 12 months before departure to Andorra;

• Animals from countries with a high risk of rabies infection should also undergo a laboratory test for antibody titer. Your pet will be able to enter Andorra after 90 days from the date of the test. An important condition is the presence of a result of at least 0.5 M / ml;

• The owner must provide a European pet passport or health certificate completed by a competent veterinarian in the country of export. The health certificate must be submitted in Catalan or English.

Mind that Andorra does not have a local international airport, but you can fly to Spain or France. Before flying, also check the requirements of the country in which you are arriving, in order to avoid problems when going through customs.

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