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Requirements for travelling to Argentina with pets

If you want to visit Argentina with a pet, remember that your trip will require careful preparation. To obtain an entry permit, a pet must meet veterinary requirements and be accompanied by documents confirming the satisfactory state of health of the pet.

Requirements for importing pets (cats or dogs) into Argentina:

• It is necessary to obtain an international veterinary certificate. The certificate must be issued by the competent veterinary authority of the country of export and contain information about the pet's health (according to Resolution GMC 17/15), including details of vaccination against rabies. The document is valid for 60 days from the date of issue, provided that the vaccination is valid at the time of travel. The certificate must be completed in 2 languages, one of which is Spanish;

• A veterinary certificate can be replaced by a pet passport if the information in it complies with the requirements of Resolution GMC 17/15;

• Within 10 days prior to receiving a veterinary certificate, the pet owner must obtain a certificate from a veterinarian confirming that the animal is completely healthy, it has no signs of infectious diseases and is ready to travel;

• All cats and dogs older than 3 months must be vaccinated against rabies with a vaccine approved in the country of export. If your pet is being vaccinated for the first time, a minimum period of 21 days must elapse after the introduction of the vaccine;

• Within 15 days prior to travel, animals must be treated for external and internal parasites using drugs approved in the country of export.

Pets less than 3 months old are allowed to be imported, subject to the following conditions. The owner must provide written proof that the pet is less than 3 months old and that, since birth, it has been in an area where there has been no outbreak of rabies in the last 90 days.

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