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Armenia pet travel regulations. How to enter Armenia with a dog or a cat

The import of pets into Armenia is regulated by the veterinary and sanitary standards established for the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). To enter the country, each pet (cat or dog) must have a series of mandatory vaccinations, as well as a document with detailed information about the vaccination.

The following conditions are mandatory for travelling to Armenia with a pet:

• Availability of an international veterinary passport certified by the competent authority of the country of export. If you don’t have a veterinary passport, you may provide a veterinary certificate completed in Form No. 15 by a licensed veterinarian. The identity document must contain details of the pet's vaccinations. A sample certificate can be found here:;

• Vaccination against rabies. For a vaccination to be considered valid, a minimum period of 21 days must elapse after it has been given;

• Vaccination against other dangerous viruses.

Dogs arriving in Armenia must be vaccinated against:

• canine distemper;

• hepatitis;

• parvovirus infections;

• adenovirus infections;

• leptospirosis.

Cats arriving in Armenia must be vaccinated against:

• panleukopenia.

You can check the requirements for air transportation of pets to Armenia by contacting your airline.

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