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Azerbaijan pet travel regulations. How to enter Azerbaijan with a dog or a cat

Azerbaijan is another country that you can easily visit with your pet. Travelling to Azerbaijan does not require special preparation, as many of the country's veterinary requirements comply with international standards.

In order for your pet to be allowed to enter Azerbaijan, it must be completely healthy and have several mandatory vaccinations made at least 4 months before arrival.

Mandatory vaccinations for dogs:

• Against Rabies;

• Against Distemper;

• Against Hepatitis;

• Against Leptospirosis;

• Against Parvovirus.

Mandatory vaccinations for cats:

• Against Rabies;

• Against Panleukopenia;

• Against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis;

• Against Calicivirus.

Information on vaccination (dates and names of vaccinations) must be indicated in the veterinary certificate completed by an authorized veterinarian. The certificate must be completed in the language of the country of export and in English.

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