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Belgium pet travel regulations. How to enter Belgium with a dog or a cat

If you want to travel to Belgium with your pet, it must meet the official requirements for the importation of pets. Carefully read the rules and collect all the necessary documents so that your trip goes successfully.

To be allowed to import a pet, your pet must:

• Be identified by a microchip. It is also allowed to have a clearly readable tattoo if it was made before 07.03.2011;

• Have a valid rabies vaccination after microchip insertion by 12 weeks of age. A minimum period of 21 days must elapse from the moment the vaccine is administered to entry into the country;

• Animals from third countries with a high risk of contracting rabies must also be tested for antibody titer, the minimum acceptable result of which is 0.5 IU/ml;

• Possess a European pet passport or veterinary certificate, which should include the pet's personal information, identification and vaccination details, and an antibody titer test (if required). Documents can only be completed by a certified veterinarian in your country;

Pets are allowed to be brought into Belgium from the age of 15 weeks and meet the above requirements.

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