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Requirements for travelling with pets to Cuba

If you want to visit Cuba with your pet, you will need an export certificate. An export certificate is a document containing complete information about a pet, including personal data (name, age, sex, breed, color), identification (if a pet has one), name of the owner (or authorized person), information about the health of the pet and vaccinations. You can get a certificate from a veterinarian in your country.

Before leaving for Cuba, the pet must undergo a clinical examination by a veterinarian, during which the doctor will be able to enter information into the export certificate. Only if the pet is completely healthy, shows no signs of parasites and is vaccinated against rabies, will it be allowed to enter Cuba.

Valid vaccination against rabies is an important requirement for entry into Cuba. The data on it (manufacturer, date of administration, dosage, expiration date) must be indicated in the export certificate.

Upon arrival in Cuba, all animals must be screened at the international airport to verify that the physical condition of the pet matches the export certificate. If, as a result of the inspection, it is determined that the pet meets all the requirements, it will be allowed to enter Cuba without the further quarantine.

However, according to the rules of the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture, the owner must inform the veterinary authorities of his temporary address of residence for subsequent health checks of the pet, which are usually carried out within 15 days after arrival. This is a common measure taken to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in Cuba.

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