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Cyprus pet travel regulations. How to enter Cyprus with a dog or a cat

In the Republic of Cyprus, travelling with pets is governed by non-commercial transport rules. Non-commercial rules involve the movement of animals accompanied by the owner (or authorized person), which prohibits the sale of animals or the transfer of ownership to third parties.

A maximum of five pets per owner is allowed. The exception is travel for the purpose of participating in exhibitions, competitions and sporting events.

If you are planning to travel with a pet to Cyprus, you will only be able to enter the country through special entry points. These include Larnaca International Airport, Paphos International Airport, Lemesos Port, Larnaca Port, Paphos Port, Latchi Port, Larnaca Marina Port and Saint Raphael Port.

Before leaving for Cyprus, the pet owner must notify the veterinary office of the particular port of entry of their arrival. At least 48 hours before arrival, you must provide the date and time of your flight, as well as the flight number (or the name of the ship if you are travelling by water).

In order for your pet to be allowed to enter the Republic of Cyprus, it must meet the established veterinary requirements:

• The pet must be identified using a microchip manufactured in accordance with the international standard ISO 11784 and HDX or FDX-B technologies, and be readable by ISO 111785 devices. If your pet's microchip does not meet these requirements, you must provide your own reader. An animal is allowed to have a tattoo if it was made before 07/03/2011;

• The animal must have a valid rabies vaccination. The effect of vaccination occurs after a minimum period of 21 days after the introduction of the vaccine. It is forbidden to import pets without vaccination, regardless of which country you come from;

• Pets from countries with a high risk of rabies infection should be tested for antibody titer. A valid assay result is 0.5 IU/mL or higher;

• The animal must have a document proving its identity. This may be a European pet passport or a veterinary certificate, which must contain information about vaccination against rabies;

• If you are coming from a third country (non-EU country), you must also provide a written declaration that your animal is not to be sold or transferred to third parties.

The following breeds are prohibited for import into the Republic of Cyprus: Pit Bull Terrier (American Pit Bull), Japanese Tosa (Tosa Inu), Dogo Argentino (Argentine Mastiff), Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff).

In case of non-compliance with the established requirements, the pet may be sent back to the country of export, isolated for necessary treatment for up to 6 months, or, as a last resort, euthanized without compensation to the owner.

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