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Georgia pet travel regulations. How to enter Georgia with a dog or a cat

Georgia is one of the most popular destinations for travelling with pets. In order for your vacation to go well, carefully read the rules for importing pets into the country.

A maximum of 5 pets per person is allowed. This is the maximum number of animals for which non-commercial importation rules apply.

All animals imported into Georgia must comply with the current sanitary requirements:

• Have an international veterinary passport indicating the details of the owner of the pet, the characteristics of the pet and information about mandatory vaccinations;

• Have personal identification (microchip standard ISO 11784 or 11785);

• All dogs and cats 12 weeks of age and older must have current and documented rabies vaccinations;

• Mandatory is the presence of a veterinary certificate, which confirms the passage of a veterinary examination and compliance with sanitary standards. The certificate is issued within 30 days before the departure date.

A document on the presence of a rabies antibody titer and official pet import permit to enter Georgia is not required.

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