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Requirements for travelling to Jordan with pets

Requirements for travelling to Jordan with pets 

When you plan a journey abroad with a pet, it is important to check the pet import policy of your destination country. Many countries require the pet to be vaccinated against rabies and examined by a licensed veterinarian. As for the Jordanian policy, it is not really strict, so it will be easy to prepare for a journey there. 

The Ministry of Agriculture of Jordan requires the following:

Your dog or cat must have a valid vaccination against rabies done at least 30 days before the departure. The antibody titer test isn’t required;

Microchip is not required, but it is recommended to simplify the identification of the pet;

The pet must be examined by an authorized veterinarian in your country. The veterinarian must complete and issue the Health Certificate for visiting Jordan;

If you travel with a dog, it is recommended to vaccinate it against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza;

If you travel with a cat, it is recommended to vaccinate it against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia;

You do not have to obtain an import permit to bring a pet to Jordan for your personal purposes. The exception is pets entering Jordan as cargo;

Animals are not quarantined as long as all the requirements are met.

After you have collected all requested documents and checked your pet’s health at the veterinary clinic, you should learn the pet transport policy of the airline you choose. For further information, you can visit the “Airlines Pet Policy” section on our website. 

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