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Requirements for travelling to Kenya with pets

Want to visit Kenya with your cat or dog? Whether it is your first trip with a pet or you have travelled together many times, it is always important to check the pet import policy of the country you are going to. To travel to Kenya, you need the following:

· All pet owners going to Kenya must obtain an import permit to bring their pets. To get the permit, you must visit the Embassy of Kenya in your country and provide a valid vaccination certificate. The permit is charged 40 euros per pet;

· Another essential document is a veterinary certificate. The certificate proves that the pet is completely healthy and free of contagious diseases. It must be obtained from an authorized veterinarian in your country no more than 5 days before the journey;

· Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies and be accompanied by a rabies vaccination certificate proving that fact. If your pet was vaccinated less than 6 months before the journey, you also need a certificate from an authorized veterinarian. This certificate must prove that there haven’t been any cases of rabies around the pet for the last 6 months;

· It is recommended to microchip your pet for better identification;

· You must obtain a certificate from the captain of your transport stating that your pet stayed inside the craft during the journey and had no contact with other animals on board;

· If you choose land transport, you have to report your animal within 3 days after your arrival.

People that plan transit in Kenya with pets for no more than 48 hours do not need the documents above. However, you must keep your pet isolated from other animals at your expense and may leave the country only by air or sea.

If you still have questions, you can request further information from the State Department of Livestockof Kenya.

When travelling by air, do not forget to familiarize yourself with the pet transportation requirements of the airline that you choose. You can find the details in the “Airlines Pet Policy” section on our website.

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