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Requirements for travelling to Korea with pets

If you are willing to take a pet on holiday, the Republic of Korea is a perfect destination! First, you should check the Korean policy on pet importation. The rules are different depending on the country you are coming from. So, when your country of origin is rabies-free, you will be required fewer documents than tourists from rabies-infected countries.

The following requirements are important to prevent the spread of contagious diseases among animals:

· All pets (dogs and cats) entering South Korea must have a microchip for their identification;

· Rabies vaccination and antibody titer test is not required if the pet comes from a rabies-free country. However, if your country is not rabies-free, your pet must be vaccinated and accompanied by antibody titer test results. The test must be done in an internationally approved laboratory;

· You must obtain a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian in your country and provide it to a quarantine officer at the point of entry. Make sure that the information about the pet in the certificate is completed correctly;

· In addition, cats from Australia and cats and dogs from Malaysia must be accompanied by a certificate stating that there have not been any cases of Hendra and Nipah diseases in the origin country for 60 days. The certificate must be obtained within 14 days before the journey. If the certificate isn’t provided, the quarantine can take longer than usual;

· Pets that do not meet the requirements above may be quarantined at the owner’s expense. The quarantine usually lasts about 10 days, but it may take longer, depending on the situation.

Rabies-free countries are considered to be almost all European countries, Australia, the UAE, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. You can find the complete list of rabies-free countries here.

If you want to bring 10 pets or more to the Republic of Korea, you must inform the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency of your intention. Only pet owners who have obtained official approval are allowed to take 10 pets with them.

Remember to check the pet transportation requirements of the airline you choose. For further information, visit our website’s “Airlines Pet Policy” section.

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