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Requirements for travelling to Mexico with pets

To make your trip to Mexico a success, carefully prepare your pet and all the necessary documents before leaving. To pass customs inspection, you will need to consider the following requirements:

• Obtain a health certificate confirming that your pet is in perfect health. The certificate must be issued by the competent veterinary authority or veterinarian in your country and must be valid for a minimum of 15 days;

• Treat the pet for worms within 6 months before the trip, after which the doctor must diagnose the absence of ectoparasites in the pet. Deworming information must be included on the health certificate;

• All animals must be vaccinated against rabies. The date of administration of the vaccine and the expiration date must be indicated on the pet's health certificate. Animals younger than 3 months are exempt from vaccination.

If you are planning to travel to Mexico from the USA or Canada, you do not need to have a pet health certificate. It is enough to contact a representative of the Mexican Secretariat of Agriculture (SENASICA) to conduct a clinical examination of your pet. You will be able to go to Mexico if during the examination the pet does not show signs of infectious diseases, signs of ectoparasites and external wounds.

Requirements for transporting animals to Mexico:

• Animals must be transported in a clean cage or container without any items (bedding, toys, etc.) inside. The pet can wear a collar or a leash;

• The transfer of the animal will be treated with a special disinfectant according to the requirements of the Mexican Secretariat of Agriculture (SENASICA);

• If you are planning to transport your pet as cargo, check with your airline for shipping details.

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