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Montenegro pet travel regulations. How to enter Montenegro with a dog or a cat

In order to go on a trip to Montenegro with a pet, you need to go through some preparation. Your pet must be healthy and have all the documents necessary to pass customs inspection. It is allowed to import into Montenegro up to five pets that have reached the age of 3 months.

The conditions for the import of animals into Montenegro are:

• Identification, which must be presented as a microchip (ISO 11784 or 11785);

• Presence of a pet passport and a veterinary certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian of the country of export in accordance with the established requirements;

• A valid rabies vaccination that must have been given at 12 weeks of age or older. Vaccination is considered valid if a minimum period of 21 days has elapsed since its completion;

• The pet must be tested for rabies antibody titer. The analysis can be carried out 30 days after vaccination and at least three months before travelling to Montenegro;

• It is necessary to undergo treatment for Echinococcus multilocularis in accordance with international WHO requirements.

Among other things, Montenegro requires entry into the country through Podgorica Airport, which has a special pet inspection point.

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