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Requirements for traveling to Morocco with pets

Morocco is a colorful country situated in North Africa. This is a perfect place for a cultural experience which is always good in the company of a four-legged friend!

If you plan a journey to Morocco with your pet, you should know local pet import rules. Here is a list of current requirements for pets in Morocco:

· Pets must be identified with an ISO-compliant microchip;

· You must provide a health certificate completed and issued by a licensed veterinarian in your country no more than 3 days before the journey. The certificate must include your pet's description, identification number and information about its health and vaccinations. Only if the veterinarian states that the pet is free of infectious diseases for the last 6 weeks (or longer), it will be allowed to enter the country;

· All pets are examined by a local veterinarian of the National Office of Sanitary Safety and Food Products upon arrival. You will have to provide the pet's health certificate to a customs officer;

· Every pet owner must pay a health visit fee of 10 dirhams per pet despite the examination result.

Remember to check the pet transportation requirements of the airline you choose. For further information, visit our website's “Airlines Pet Policy” section.

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