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North Macedonia pet travel regulations. How to enter North Macedonia with a dog or a cat

To visit North Macedonia with a pet (cat, dog, ferret), it is necessary to consider the rules for the non-commercial movement of pets. To obtain an entry permit, your pet must comply with the country's veterinary regulations, have all the necessary documents and vaccinations. A maximum of 5 pets per person for non-commercial purposes is allowed.

Before travelling to North Macedonia, make sure that your pet:

• Has a transponder (microchip) for its identification;

• Is vaccinated against rabies with an approved vaccine. Vaccination is considered valid if it is carried out at the age of 12 weeks, and after it has passed a minimum period of 3 weeks for it to start. At the time of vaccination, the pet must be completely healthy;

• Has a pet passport (for animals from EU countries) or a veterinary certificate (for animals from other countries) completed and signed by an authorized veterinarian;

• In addition to the veterinary certificate, the owner must provide a written statement confirming the non-commercial purposes of the movement of the pet (Sample:;

• If you are coming from a third country with a high risk of contracting rabies, your pet is additionally required to pass a rabies antibody test. The test must be carried out in an approved laboratory in the country of export. The minimum allowable titer is 0.5 IU/ml.

Entry into North Macedonia with pets is carried out through special entry points equipped for customs control. If you have any additional questions, you can use the official website of the Food and Veterinary Agency of North Macedonia ( or contact them by phone: +389-02-2457893 (or: 2457895).

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