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Portugal pet travel regulations. How to enter Portugal with a dog or a cat

Portugal is a great country to travel with a pet. If you are planning a trip to Portugal with a dog (cat or ferret), pay attention to the following rules for bringing animals into the country.

To enter Portugal from countries outside the European Union, your pet must:

• Have a microchip that complies with European standards (ISO Compatible Microchip). In some cases, the presence of a tattoo is allowed;

• Have a valid rabies vaccination. The timing of vaccine administration must comply with established international standards;

• Get tested for rabies antibodies. The test must be carried out in one of the laboratories of the country of export approved in Portugal;

• Have an official health certificate that is valid for 10 days from the date of issue until the date of verification.

It is important for you to be the owner or authorized person for the pet. 

The sale of animals in Portugal, due to the application of non-commercial rules, is prohibited.

It is allowed to import no more than 5 animals per person. If the number of pets exceeds the limits, the rules for the commercial transport of animals apply. The minimum allowable age of an animal to enter the country is at least 12 weeks.

If a pet does not meet the official requirements for entry into the country, it will be sent back to the country of origin, or, as a last resort, may be euthanized.

In case if you have any questions, you can contact the General Directorate of Food and Veterinary Affairs of Portugal and clarify all the necessary information. Contact email address:

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