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Serbia pet travel regulations. How to enter Serbia with a dog or a cat

Before travelling to Serbia, read the rules for entering the country with pets. The requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Serbia are different for countries of certain groups: Member States of the European Union (and countries of the European Economic Area) and third countries. Depending on which group your country belongs to, you must prepare the appropriate documents for your pet (dog, cat, or ferret).

If you are coming from the EU (or EEA), your pet must:

• Be identified with a microchip;

• Have a valid rabies vaccination (or re-vaccination) with a registered vaccine in accordance with WHO international standards;

• Comply with measures to prevent the development of other diseases and infections besides rabies;

• Have a pet passport issued by an authorized veterinarian in your country, showing the animal's personal information and all vaccinations.

Possession of a veterinary certificate for dogs, cats, and ferrets is not a requirement for entry into Serbia from EU (EEA) countries.

If you are coming from third countries, your pet must meet the requirements that apply to pets from EU countries. The exception is the document proving the identity of the pet. Your pet must be accompanied by a certificate issued by the competent authority in your country.

Among other things, citizens of EU (or EEA) Member States and third countries with a low risk of contracting rabies (as listed in Annex II to Regulation No 998/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council) may bring into Serbia animals under 12 weeks old or between 12 and 16 weeks in the following cases:

• If since birth the pet has not changed its place of residence and has not been in contact with wild animals (and supporting documents are attached);

• If the cub is accompanied by a mother who is vaccinated against rabies and has a pet passport with vaccination data.

It is allowed to bring into Serbia no more than 5 pets per person. In case you need to transport more animals, please read the rules for the commercial transport of animals on the website of the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.

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