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Slovenia pet travel regulations. How to enter Slovenia with a dog or a cat

If you are planning to travel to Slovenia with a dog, cat or ferret, you should check the regulations of non-commercial movement of animals that apply to your country. Within the European Union, the rules for importing pets are similar for almost all countries, but animals from third countries are usually subject to more stringent requirements.

Non-commercial movement of pets means that the pet is travelling with the owner, and the purpose of the trip is not to trade in animals. No more than 5 pets per owner or authorized person are allowed to be imported into Slovenia (excluding travel for the purpose of participating in exhibitions, competitions and sporting events). In case of exceeding the norm, the rules for the commercial movement of animals come into force.

To enter Slovenia, each pet must:

• Be identified by a transponder (microchip) or a clearly legible tattoo (applied before 07/03/2011). Identification data must be indicated in the pet's identity document;

• Be accompanied by an identity document. For EU countries, this document is usually an EU pet passport, and for other countries – a veterinary certificate;

• Have a valid rabies vaccination. For a vaccination to be considered valid, it must be performed by an authorized veterinarian using a licensed vaccine and the pet must be 12 weeks old. In some cases, it is allowed to import young animals without vaccination from other EU countries, subject to certain requirements;

• Pets from third countries with a high risk of contracting rabies must additionally be tested for antibody titer in one of the approved laboratories in the country of export. Animals with an indicator of at least 0.5 IU / ml are allowed to enter;

• If you are coming from a country outside the EU, you must provide a written declaration that the movement of the animal is non-commercial.

Third countries with a low risk of rabies infection are: Australia, Andorra, Belarus, Canada, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, the UK, the USA, etc. You can find the full list in Annex II of Regulation (EC) No. 576/2013.

For all travelers from third countries, it is mandatory to entry Slovenia through special points. This is necessary to conduct a proper screening of the pet, as well as its documents. You can find the list of entry points to Slovenia at:

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