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Switzerland pet travel regulations. How to enter Bulgaria with a dog or a cat

Many European countries are perfect for a vacation with a companion animal, and Switzerland is no exception. However, there is a risk of spreading rabies among pets, so you will need to undergo the necessary preparations to enter the country.

Switzerland has the following entry requirements for pets (dogs, cats, and ferrets):

• Each pet must have identification provided as a built-in transponder (microchip) or a tattoo (if it was applied before 07/03/2011);

• Pets must be accompanied by one of the possible identification documents – pet passport or veterinary certificate;

• An important condition for pets from any country is vaccination against rabies. According to international requirements, vaccination should be carried out after the introduction of a microchip. A minimum period of 21 days must elapse after vaccination for it to be considered valid;

• A maximum of 5 pets per person is allowed. In case of excess of the norm, the rules of commercial import are applied to animals.

In some cases, Switzerland allows the importation of young pets (up to 12 weeks old), as well as those animals whose rabies vaccination is not yet considered valid (12 to 16 weeks old). Animals in these categories can be imported from EU countries, as well as third countries with a low risk of rabies infection. To obtain an import permit for young animals:

• The owner must provide a written statement that his pet has not been in contact with species susceptible to rabies since birth;

• An application is not required if the young animals are accompanied by a mother who has a valid rabies vaccination and is listed on the pet passport (or veterinary certificate).

Switzerland prohibits the importation of dogs with cropped ears or tails for long stays. The exception is animals that are imported for a short period (for example, holidays) by foreign owners. The owner must notify the official Swiss cantonal agency of information about the physiological characteristics of the pet in advance about his entry with a dog with cropped ears or tail.

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