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Requirements for travelling to Thailand with pets

Thailand is a sunny country that is great for a vacation, and a vacation with a pet is no exception. If you want to visit Thailand with your pet, please read the following veterinary requirements.

First, the pet owner must apply for an import permit in advance. The application must be sent to the quarantine station of the airport through which it is planned to enter Thailand. Upon arrival, the owner must register the pet for further customs clearance at Suvarnabhumi Airport or other airports.

All pets that are brought into Thailand for personal purposes must be accompanied by the following documents:

• Copy of the owner's passport;

• A health certificate completed by a veterinarian and containing information about the pet's current vaccinations;

• Import Permit.

All dogs must be vaccinated against:

• Rabies;

• Distemper;

• Hepatitis;

• Parvovirus;

• Leptospirosis (In addition to vaccination, dogs must be tested for leptospirosis within 30 days prior to departure. The test must show a negative result).

All cats must be vaccinated against:

• Rabies;

• Feline Panleukopenia Virus.

Pay attention to these requirements for importing pets:

• The minimum age for pets to enter Thailand is 4 months;

• Dog breeds such as the Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier are prohibited from being imported into Thailand.

If your pet shows signs of illness during the examination, it may be placed in quarantine until it recovers.

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