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Requirements for travelling to Uzbekistan with pets

If you are planning a trip to Uzbekistan with a pet (cat or dog), keep in mind that you will have to carefully prepare for it. Pets must first undergo a mandatory examination by a veterinarian and be vaccinated, and their owner must collect all the necessary documents.

For the entry of pets into Uzbekistan, the following is required:

• An international veterinary passport filled out by a veterinarian and confirming that the animal is completely healthy and has mandatory vaccinations. Clinical examination must be carried out within 5 days prior to departure;

• The international veterinary passport may be replaced by a veterinary accompanying document;

• Vaccination against rabies, after which a period of 21 days must elapse;

• Vaccination against other dangerous viruses, depending on the type of pet.

Not later than 14 days before departure, dogs must be vaccinated against:

• canine distemper;

• hepatitis;

• viral enteritis;

• parvo-and adenovirus infections;

• leptospirosis.

Not later than 14 days before departure, cats must be vaccinated against:

• panleukopenia.

Uzbekistan provides for a limit on the quantity of imported pets (cats and dogs), the number of which should not exceed 2. In this case, animals can be brought into the country without an import permit and mandatory quarantine, provided that the above conditions are met. If you need to transport more animals, you will need to obtain permission from the State Veterinary Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Contact phone number: +(998 71) 202-12-00

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