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A Dog-Friendly Journey to Copenhagen - Landmarks, Routes and Hotels

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Copenhagen - Landmarks, Routes and Hotels

Copenhagen is the capital, cultural and economic center, seat of government and the largest city in Denmark. This is one of the most important financial hubs of northern Europe, whose history begins from a small fishing village founded in the 12th century. Currently the capital is in the top ten best cities with the highest average wages in the world.

Copenhagen is a truly magical city with its unique atmosphere, amazing architecture and gorgeous views.

To make sure you visit the majority of landmarks, we have compiled a brief dog-friendly route of Copenhagen.

The Best Dog-Friendly Routes of Copenhagen: Tourist Attractions

If you want to truly submerge yourself in the city, we recommend you begin your journey from the Statue of the Little Mermaid. The sculpture of this mystical character, about which Hans Andersen wrote, is located in the port of the city and reaches 125 cm in height. Interestingly, this sculpture was commissioned on the orders of the son of the founder of Carlsberg, who was fascinated by ballet based on the fairy tale “Little Mermaid”. Presently, the statue is a symbol not only of the city, but the whole country.

After you visit the Little Mermaid, we recommend taking a walk along the Nyhavn canal, which translates as “New Harbor”. This waterway was dug up all the way back in the 17th century and became a favorite among sailors. Until the end of the last century, this wasn't the most safe place, but lately Nyhavn became a popular tourist location due its recognizable architecture. Now you, too, can enjoy the view of the canal and take a few pictures of your pet while you are there.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Copenhagen - Landmarks, Routes and Hotels

After the canals, head to one of those beautiful buildings in the whole country - the Amalienburg Palace. This complex is made up of four buildings, constructed in the rococo architectural style, and the adjacent town square, all built in the 18th century. This is one of the most famous landmarks of the capital and the current royal residence. The Amalienburg Palace has its very own public museum which contains sculptures, exquisite furniture and well-preserved 18th century interior. When looking at the palace from the outside, you cannot help but marvel at its cleanliness no less than marveling at the works of art that are kept inside.

Copenhagen has an interesting relationship between its corporations and society. For example, thanks to Carlsberg, the famous Little Mermaid statue was built, but that is not all. The company also commissioned the Gefion Fountain. The sculptural structure of the fountain was created at the end of the 19th century in honor of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the company's factory. The fountain depicts an ancient legend, saying that the goddess Gefion could receive as much land from the Swedish king as she could plow in one night. To accomplish this task, Gefion turned her four sons into oxen and plowed the land with their help. These lands later became Denmark.

While strolling the city with your canine companion, you may be able to spot a majestic temple which is adorned by a spiral bell tower. This is the Church of Our Savior. The winding staircase almost beckons visitors to climb them above the bustle and hustle of the city, above their problems and sorrows. On the top of the dome you will be able to spot a golden figure of Christ. The bell tower itself holds a carillon - a musical instrument, which allows the operator to create amazingly unique melodies.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Copenhagen - Landmarks, Routes and Hotels

Another noteworthy religious building which will awe you with its architecture is the Church of Grundtvig. This structure was erected in the 20th century using a mix of expressionistic and late gothic architectural styles. The creators of the church wanted to unite the traditional style with modern elements, allowing the church to quickly amass support and popularity among locals and tourists.

Did you know dragons live in the capital of Denmark? Just as in many tales, their place of habitat is usually linked with vast treasures. A few of them can be found on the roof of the Børsen Stock Exchange. This building, inspired by late Renaissance architecture, has a distinct spire, stretching up almost fifty meters, which resembles entangled dragon’s tails. The creators of the building imagined this would symbolize the unity of the Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Presently, this building is used for dinner parties for famous guests and cultural receptions.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Copenhagen - Landmarks, Routes and Hotels

Just as with other maritime cities, Copenhagen has its very own castle, which protected its citizens from raids and was the place of residence of kings. Christiansborg Palace, located on Slotsholmen island, was constructed in the middle of the 18th century in the baroque architectural style, after the previous medieval fortress burned down. Presently, the royal residence has moved to the Amalienburg Palace, and Christiansborg became the seat of parliament.

After you take in the ancient architecture of Copenhagen, we recommend visiting some modern masterpieces. A noteworthy building is the center of the Danish architectural center BLOX. The building is not only modern in its appearance, but in its approach to ecology too.

Looking from afar, BLOX resembles an amazing composition of transparent and matte blocks. The appearance is impressive enough, but this feeling intensifies when you see that the building is placed right in the middle of a highway, with people calmly living and working inside, thanks to incredible sound insulation.

While touring the seawall with your furry companion, you may be able to see a building that the locals call “Black Diamond”. This is the Royal Library of Denmark. The locals gave it its moniker due its unique shape and black panels, which cover the building’s facade. Despite its appearance, the building holds books that are more than 700 years old and is one of the largest libraries in the world.

If you need a break from the grandiose structures, we recommend taking a walk through one of the longest pedestrian streets in all of Europe. Strøget street combines a unique mix of modern and historical buildings, fashionable restaurants, cozy cafes and authentically Danish shops. If you want to pick up a souvenir or two, this would be the street to do it at.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Copenhagen - Landmarks, Routes and Hotels

After a long day of exploration, it would be great to rest and recover for the next day. We have compiled a list of a few dog-friendly hotels all of whom will be happy to see you and your canine companion.

Dog-Friendly Hotels

Best Western Hotel Hebron Kopenhagen dogs allowed

This dog-friendly hotel is located in a quiet area, beside the Tivoli Gardens, a tourist favorite place for dog walks and relaxation.

Every morning the hotel will serve a Scandinavian style buffet breakfast. The suites have everything you need to make your own tea and coffee. You will have your own bathroom with a shower, fan and the suites come with a work-desk.

The hotel has a lounge area and offers bicycle rental services, to enable easy exploration of the city and its surroundings.

If you wish to stay at the Best Western Herbon with your canine companion, there will be a surcharge of 150 Danish krone for the entire duration of your stay.

The Socialist, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel Kopenhagen dogs allowed

If you arrive in the city early in the morning or late at night, don’t worry, this hotel's lobby desk never closes.

Every suite has everything necessary for a comfortable stay: a comfortable bed, modern bathroom, a TV, kettle (and everything else required to make good tea), and some suites have a balcony. The hotel also has a large terrace offering a good view point.

If you are bringing your four-legged friend with you, make sure his/her weight does not exceed 20kg. There will be a solitary surcharge of 350 Danish krone for the entire duration of your stay and a 350 krone refundable damage deposit.

The Square Kopenhagen dogs allowed

This hotel is located in Copenhagen's Town Hall Square, with Strøget Street being only a couple of minutes away. There are several excellent restaurants, cafes, bars and shops in close proximity to the hotel.

The hotel breakfast lobby and lounge-bar area offer an excellent panoramic view of Copenhagen.

All suites are decorated with the minimalistic style in mind and have air conditioning, a clothes steamer, safe, mini-bar, work desk and a TV.

There will be no surcharges for your pet to move in with you, as long as you bring only one per suite. Pet food and water bowls will be provided upon request.

Copenhagen Strand Hotel Kopenhagen dogs allowed

This harborside hotel is located not far from the Nyhavn district, and less than five minutes walking distance from Strøget and a brisk ten minute walk from the Amalienburg Palace.

Every suite is well sound-insulted and will have its own mini-bar, satellite TV, work desk and free cable internet.

There is a solitary surcharge of 200 Danish krone for your pet to move in with you.

Villa Copenhagen Kopenhagen dogs allowed

This hotel has its own restaurant, open swimming pool, fitness center and bar. If you want to relax, the hotel also features a garden and a terrace.

Your suite will come with your own bathroom and fan, a TV, air conditioning, a spacious wardrobe, living area and a safe.

The hotel is located in close proximity to the Tivoli Gardens, which as mentioned above, is an excellent place for walks with your pet.

Villa Copenhagen will be happy to have you and your pet move in, but will collect a 500 Danish krone surcharge per pet for the entire duration of your stay. Pet food and water bowls will be provided upon request.

Final Thoughts

Copenhagen has iconic structures that stood the test of time, monuments of ancient architecture, but the capital is not living in the past. There are many modern buildings, creating a unique rhythm to the city, constantly keeping things fresh and not letting the new or the old get too stale.

We hope you enjoy Copenhagen and will want to return here. It is a very dog-friendly city, most hotels, cafes, parks and seawalls will be happy to see your four-legged companion.

Come to Copenhagen with your dog - take in the atmosphere of the past centuries!

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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