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A Dog-Friendly Journey to Dublin

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Dublin

Ireland is a country of ancient myths, legends, fairytales, and leprechauns, with almost every tree and stone having some sort of history or keeping a deep secret. The cultural and historic center of Ireland is without a doubt its capital - Dublin. The city was home to famous writers like Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, and Jonathan Swift. While walking the streets of Dublin you become imbued with a unique atmosphere that awakens a deep desire to write poetry or paint pictures.

Don't waste a minute, grab your four-legged companion and head to Dublin and wander the streets of this unique city!

A Dog-Friendly Tourist Guide to Dublin - Routes and Landmarks

We are going to begin our journey from the premier shopping street of the capital - Grafton Street. Filled with shopping centers and souvenir boutiques, this stretch of Dublin will fill you with a plethora of pleasant emotions. Grafton Street is always a busy place, full of tourists and locals alike, who come to listen to street musicians perform a wide range of music from classical rhapsodies to popular modern songs. Most cafes on this street are dog-friendly, making it a great place to combine shopping, relaxation with a cup of tea, and sampling delicious desserts while listening to enchanting Irish music.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Dublin

North of Grafton Street is our next location - The College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin (or simply Trinity College). Founded by Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century, it remains one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, on par with Cambridge and Oxford.

The College will astound you with its architecture and unique atmosphere of science and advancement, which is deeply infused in every inch of its territory. When strolling the paths of Trinity College, you start recognizing the true significance of education.

Another architectural marvel in Dublin that you can visit with your canine friend is St. Patrick's Cathedral. Constructed in the early 17th century, the cathedral is built using the neogothic architectural style, which distinguishes itself with its high vaults, huge windows, and artistic carvings. The cathedral complex also includes a magnificent garden and the Archbishop’s Palace.

Comparable to St. Patrick's Cathedral in architectural beauty is the Christ Church Cathedral, more formally known as the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. Standing for more than 900 years, the church kept its original facade, in no small part thanks to the restoration efforts that were conducted over the centuries. It is a unique landmark that allows you to quite literally look at the past.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Dublin

Let's take a short break from the historic landmarks of Dublin, grab our puppy, and head to a pillar of modern architecture - the Monument of the Light, or, more commonly known amongst locals as The Spire of Dublin. Stretching up 120 meters, the column is entirely made of stainless steel. At its foundation, the spire's diameter stands at 3 meters, narrowing to its peak to 15 centimeters. Don't let the simplicity of its design fool you, the structure fully justifies its name. Thanks to a unique style of polishing metal the Spire of Dublin reflects diffused light, turning itself into a glowing monument. During the evenings and at night backlights continuously illuminate the structure, giving it an other-worldly feel.

While walking through Dublin with your pet, you may notice that most city doors are painted in different colors. There is a reason for this! Since most of the city districts look eerily similar, to somehow distinguish themselves, homeowners started painting their doors with unique bright colors. Over the years the trend picked up and became a staple of the capital.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Dublin

Another cultural symbol of Dublin is The Temple Bar. The pub itself is one of the most famous bars in all of Dublin, gathering thousands of tourists from all around the world every year and giving them a chance to try out the renowned authentic Irish Whiskey. Temple Bar has a long history stretching to the beginning of the 14th century. Both the interior and the exterior of the bar are extravagantly decorated, and it will be difficult to miss it, should you be in the area on a pet walk. Temple Bar is also the name of the district in which the pub proper is located and is a great place for those tourists that wish to spend the whole night out.

Make sure you visit Merrion Square with your canine friend. This landmark is commonly depicted in tourist gift shop posters and postcards, and for a good reason. The square is considered the most picturesque square in Dublin, with a large park located in its center, and a statue of Oscar Wilde, who immortalized Dublin in literary circles, situated inside. Walking around the square, you seemingly go through a time machine to Georgian Era Dublin. While here, you may notice a small trick that was played on you by the local architects. If you pay attention to the building facades, and mainly their windows, you may notice that they get smaller with each floor, giving the illusion of buildings being taller than they are. During the weekends, the square becomes filled with various artists and painters who exhibit some of their most recent work, allowing you to pick up a painting to decorate your home and remind you of Dublin.

The city has its fair share of parks, with the largest one being Phoenix Park. Stretching for almost 500 hectares, this fenced park has a multitude of green lawns, hidden trails, walkways, places to relax, centuries-old trees, and unique plants. This landmark is so massive, that it is a good idea to fully dedicate at minimum half a day to enjoy everything it has to offer.

If you want to immerse yourself in the local beauty even further, head outside of the city limits. An hour's bus ride away from Dublin will put you and your canine companion in the middle of breathtaking scenes of Irish nature, full of mountains and forests.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Dublin

Dublin does not portray the whole of Ireland, and if time allows, hop on a local train and head to Dalkey and/or Killiney. Just remember to check up on the rules for transporting pets.

A few centuries ago, Dalkey was the main trading post of Dublin. Over time the commerce shifted more towards the city center, but the suburb kept some of its cultural significance, including a beautiful castle, which often hosts historical and cultural exhibits. Across from the port of Dublin is the Island of Dalkey, which remains an important site for pilgrimage for centuries.

Grab your furry companion and head 15 minutes uphill to reach Vico Road in Killiney, which gives a great vantage viewpoint of the whole bay area. A large public park is located beside Vico Road and hosts various local animals and birds.

Surely, after that much sightseeing of historic streets and monuments of the city, you may want to find a place to relax and unwind. We have compiled a short list of some dog-friendly hotels we can recommend.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Dublin

Conrad Dublin Dogs Allowed

If you want to truly relax and feel peak comfort levels, we recommend stopping at this five-star dog-friendly hotel. Located in the center of Dublin beside the National Concert Hall, Grafton Street, St. Stephen's Green, and Trinity College.

The suites are bright and spacious, with pleasant wooden floors, oak panels, and Irish custom-made art.

Suite amenities include air conditioning, and a coffee machine. The hotel itself features a restaurant that serves authentic Irish dishes, a lounge/bar area where you can sip a cup of delicious coffee, and an open-air terrace to enjoy the sunset with your four-legged pup.

The hotel welcomes all pets but note that there will be a surcharge of €100 per night, should your furry companion accompany you. The hotel staff will provide pet food and water bowls upon request.

Pembroke Townhouse Dublin Dogs Allowed

If you ever want to feel at home, this dog-friendly hotel is a great option. The suites are comfortable and cozy, and the hotel foyer has plush couches and recliners. A soft atmosphere fills the halls, and the sounds of a burning fireplace in the lobby soothe weary travelers. It is worth mentioning that the hotel staff are very pleasant and always willing to help.

The interior combines Georgian 19th century Dublin with modern-day amenities. Exquisite suites are filled with everything you may need for a comfortable stay.

The hotel is well situated with various places to go for pet walks, and is in direct proximity to the city center, with all its famous streets, squares, and landmarks.

If you wish to stay at the Pembroke Townhouse with your pet, note that the hotel will collect a surcharge of €40 for every night your furry companion stays with you.

Hilton Dublin Kilmainham Dogs Allowed

Don't let the hotel name fool you, this hotel is completely different from its homonymous counterparts, sharing the only similarity that the staff will be happy to see both you and your pet at the hotel.

Located beside the Guinness Storehouse (beer museum), the Dublin Zoo, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the hotel is only a couple of minutes away from the city center by car.

Suites come with free Wi-Fi, a large plasma TV, and a bathroom with all necessities, and some suites have windows with a great view of the endless Phoenix Park.

The hotel features a spa center with a swimming pool, hydrotherapy, a sauna, and a hot tub.

If you wish to stay at the Hilton Dublin with your pet, make sure his/her weight does not exceed 34 kilograms. Note that the hotel will collect a solitary surcharge of €55, should your pet accompany you. The hotel staff will provide pet food and water bowls upon request.

The Uppercross House Hotel Dublin Dogs Allowed

Built during the early 19th century right above a canal, the hotel is a historic landmark in itself and combines original exquisite decorations with modern touches. Located in the busy atmospheric Rathmines district, the hotel is three kilometers from Temple Bar and only two and a half from St. Stephen's Green, which gives you plenty of locations to visit with your pet.

The city center is only a five-minute Luas Green Line ride away.

Comfortable suites keep traditional Irish elegance while adding a touch of modern amenities.

A unique selling point of the hotel is a glass-roof restaurant, which, combined with a plethora of plants creates the feeling of a real greenhouse.

If you wish to stay at the Uppercross House Hotel with your canine companion, there is also some good news for you here! The hotel will collect only €5 for every day your pet stays with you, and the hotel staff will provide pet food and water bowls upon request.

Final Thoughts

Dublin is a magnificent and majestic city with ancient history, which combines modern architecture with antique landmarks. Walking the streets with your four-legged friend, you will witness how technology combines tradition and business with culture. In Dublin, it is easy to imagine mystical creatures living beside ordinary folks in the heart of a megapolis.

Come to Dublin with your canine companion - let your journey be filled with fabulous places and incredible events!

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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