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A Dog-Friendly Journey to Miami, pet-friendly hotels of Miami

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Miami, pet-friendly hotels of Miami

A warm climate, a dazzling ocean, endless beaches, loud festivals, extravagant concerns, endless tourist attractions and limitless freedom, Miami has it all. This resort town is the undisputed cruise capital of the world, one of the largest centers for commercial industries and one of the main financial hubs in the country.

Miami is wildly popular amongst tourists, so why not join the millions of people that visited this wonderful city and come explore it with your canine companion and find out what all the excitement is for yourselves.

A Dog-Friendly Tourist Guide to Miami – Routes and Landmarks

The most popular place in Miami is without a doubt Miami Beach. Contrary to popular belief, the beach is not part of Miami itself, but is its own municipality. That being said, the beach is located incredibly close to the downtown core, so it will practically be impossible to miss it.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Miami, pet-friendly hotels of Miami

Miami Beach is located on several islands, some natural and some man-made, a few kilometers away and parallel to the main shoreline. The beach itself is compact, only 13 kilometers in length and 2.5 kilometers in width. Residential homes, entertainment complexes and wonderful beaches with plush sand populate this compact piece of land.

The most popular place in Miami Beach is, of course, Ocean Drive, which stretches along the shoreline on its south-eastern tip. One side of the street is filled with majestic houses, restaurants, and clubs, while the other side is covered by golden sand and an endless ocean. While on a walk with your furry companion, you will see hundreds of people, some walking around without hesitation in their revealing swimwear, others sipping on cocktails or relaxing under the shade of palm trees.

For those readers that enjoy sightseeing on foot, a whole street was created just for that purpose. Miami Beach Boardwalk is a 7-kilometer-long street paved with wood, which makes it ideal for running or relaxing walks, all the while enjoy a majestic view of the ocean.

Make sure you and your pet visit the historic district of Art Deco. This neighbourhood is a popular place amongst representatives of creative professions and here you will be able to submerse yourself in the bohemian atmosphere of poets, artists, and painters.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Miami, pet-friendly hotels of Miami

Art Deco is a style of visual arts that combines neoclassical and classical styles with modern elements, usually involving soft geometric figures and elegant color transitions. Art Deco allows the artist’s creativity to manifest itself, while maintaining a single graphic style and sophistication. While wandering the district, surrounded by colorful mid 30s buildings, your feet seemingly become lighter, and a bright disposition takes over your thoughts.

Once you have taken in everything Art Deco has to offer, head to South Beach. This place is another fan-favourite amongst tourists, thanks to the district’s abundance of night life. Various clubs and bars open at dawn and the beaches with the softest sand will help you fill up on Vitamin D and relax.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Miami, pet-friendly hotels of Miami

At the heart of South Beach lies Lummus Park, which you will probably recognize from its appearance in countless movies and music clips. The park is a wonderful place for a relaxing walk amongst green palms, allowing you to cool your feet in the brisk waters of the Atlantic Ocean after.

If you get tired of Miami Beach and South Beach, we recommend visiting Espanola Way. This small and cozy street is only a few blocks long but is unique in its presentation. Built in 1925, the street keeps intact the style of 19th century Spain. If you get a chance to go on a walk here, you will be amazed how the red rooftiles, orangey-yellow stucco and archways transport you to a distant town in the Mediterranean.

After you take in all that the beaches have to offer, grab your furry buddy, and check out other districts in the city! For example, if you are a fan of murals (street art painted on house walls), head to Wynwood Walls. This neighbourhood is excellent for pedestrian tourists, giving you a free pass to an under-the-sun art gallery. More than fifty artists from around the world contribute to converting this piece of the metropolis into a work of art. The graffiti often get replaced, so if you decide to come back in a year or two, you will get a whole different experience.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Miami, pet-friendly hotels of Miami

Another must-see location is Vizcaya Villa. A beautiful structure built in the early 20th century surrounded by a large park; the villa’s name translates to “elevated place”. While walking through the greenery that encompassed the villa, you start realizing that the name was chosen rather suitably.

The villa resembles a symmetrical palace with a large patio in the middle. The roof is made of glass and connects to four corner pavilions. The design and construction of the villa was approached with due diligence, neatly combining several building styles, and creating an architectural marvel. Presently, the villa is used as a museum. You can spend hours marvelling at the elegance of its facades, while walking through the shaded walkways of the park.

Another building that will lift your spirits is the Holy Trinity Cathedral. The building contrasts sharply to its backdrop of modern skyscrapers. The pearl-white stone temple was constructed using a pseudo-Romanesque style and is decorated with exquisite balustrades and arched openings. Standing beside the cathedral, you feel a calm presence of eternity about it, as the world changes and moves on, it remains stoically unchanging.

Speaking of a changing world, make sure you and your canine friend visit the Bayside Marketplace. This shopping center is located beside the ports and includes many different shops, cafes, and bars. This is the perfect place to pick yourself up some souvenirs, clothes, or jewellery. During the evenings, the marketplace becomes a hosting ground for various shows and events.

You should also spend some time visiting the Key Biscayne. This island is a local Miami landmark, famous for its nature appeal. The norther part of the island holds Crandon Park, which is filled with unique vegetation, mangroves, and sandy dunes. All the locations are located reasonably close to one another, giving you a great ability to go from one to another at your pace and creating a constant stream of experiences along the way.

The southern part of Key Biscayne features the Bill Bags Cape Florida state park. This is the perfect place to get lost in mangroves and other tropical greenery. The southern-most tip of the park holds the oldest building in Florida – the Cape Florida Lighthouse. Built in all the way back in 1845, this lighthouse is a must see, especially during sunsets, as the sun sinks in the waters of the Atlantic.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Miami

Faena Hotel Miami Beach

This dog-friendly hotel is situated right beside the ocean, giving you the option to greet every morning with a majestic sunrise, right from your room. If you are not a fan of the oceanic waves and want a calm and relaxing atmosphere, the hotel also features a massive open swimming pool and a spa, which may entice you to try it out with its South American design.

The local restaurants feature a large selection of oriental, as well as international cuisine dishes. Almost all food that is cooked in these restaurants is made from local produce.

The suites’ design is reminiscent of the late Art Nouveau style, which adds to the experience. In terms of amenities, the hotel features free Wi-Fi, a safe for your valuables and a TV. The bathroom is clad in Carrara marble, giving a distinct feeling that you are, indeed, in a premium hotel.

Lincoln Road, an excellent place for shopping, is only a 10-minute drive from the hotel, and so is the Art Deco district.

If you wish to stay at the Faena Hotel Miami Beach with your canine companion, make sure you set aside $250 for a returnable damage deposit and additional $25 for every night you plan to stay at the hotel with your pet.

Novotel Miami Brickell

Located in Brickell, the hotel is only a short (half an hour) walk from Vizcaya Villa and the city center.

Hotel suites are modern, bright, and use primarily earthly-tone colors, giving time for your eyes to rest from vivid Miami. Hotel hallways and the lobby are a great place to enjoy a cocktail or two and meet new friends. The local hotel bar is an excellent place for an evening out.

Suites come with a TV, air conditioning and free internet. Every suite has its own bathroom with all necessities, and some bathrooms even have an amazing view of the city and ocean.

The hotel has a large terrace with comfortable loungers, allowing you to relax and enjoy the sea breeze. A large open swimming pool is located on the roof of the hotel, giving you an excellent alternative to the ocean.

If your canine companion will be accompanying you to Novotel Miami, note that the hotel will collect a solitary $125 pet surcharge for the entire duration of your stay.

Casa Faena Miami Beach

This colorful hotel immediately stands out with its unique architecture and style, resembling a Mediterranean villa. Located a few minutes away from Miami Beach, the hotel always gets its share of fresh ocean breeze.

Comparing to other hotels, the suites in Casa Faena are exotic, the floor is paved with Spanish tile, the walls are bright and colorful, and every suite has its own decorations and nuances. Amenities include satellite TV, docking station for music and a hygienic kit.

This dog-friendly hotel has its own atmosphere, which you can experience in full on the lobby’s soft couches or in the hotel’s own private library, stocked with rare books and recreations of famous works of art. The inner courtyard of the hotel features a patio, which immediately makes you think of Spain. You can enjoy delicious traditional Mexican dishes in the hotel restaurant, all the while listening to live music.

If your four-legged companion wishes to accompany you to this hotel, make sure his/her weight does not exceed 11 kilograms and you have set aside a $100 for a solitary pet surcharge.

The Betsy Hotel, South Beach

The Betsy is located right on Ocean Drive, right beside some top-tier shops, restaurants, and entertainment complexes.

Hotel suites are decorated with fresh flowers and a variety of works of art. The floors are paved with natural wood and bathrooms are finished with marble.

The hotel roof features a swimming pool, giving you the option of going for a quick swim, resting on some loungers while enjoying the view of the ocean, or even doing yoga while watching the sunrise.

If oceanfront sunbathing is more your thing, the hotel has its own private beach area, complete with loungers and sun umbrellas.

Unfortunately, if your canine friend weighs more than 11 kilograms, they will not be able to accompany you to this hotel. If he does, indeed, weigh less than 11 kilos, the staff will collect a solitary surcharge of $150 for the entirety of your pet’s stay at the hotel. Pet food and water bowls will be provided by the hotel staff upon request.

Residence Inn by Marriott Miami

This cozy hotel will pleasantly surprise you with its remarkably comfortable inner courtyard complete with palms, flowers, greenery, and a lounge area with comfortable couches and recliners.

You can take advantage of the hotel’s fitness center, open swimming pool that is furnished with recliners, and a local bar that serves refreshments.

The suites are modestly decorated, but come with everything you expect, including a coffee machine, a TV (with satellite channels), your own bathroom, a fan, as well as free internet.

The hotel will collect a solitary pet surcharge of $150 should your canine friend accompany you to the hotel.

Final Thoughts

After our (and hopefully your) tour, you too shouldn’t have any doubts that Miami is the tourist center of America. It’s got everything – a beautiful ocean, amazing climate, a wide variety of architecture, all sorts of entertainment centers, shopping malls for every budget category, but mainly, Miami has places where you can relax, and it has a lot of them. After visiting this dazzling city, you will use it as a benchmark for other future trips.

Come to Miami with your pet – bask in the warm sun and feel the ocean breeze on your face, let the pleasant experiences fill your life and create unforgettable memories.

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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