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A Dog-Friendly Journey to Potsdam, pet-friendly hotels of Potsdam

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Potsdam, pet-friendly hotels of Potsdam

If you are looking for a place where there are hotels for pets, you must visit Potsdam. Potsdam is exactly that place. We'll help you find a comfortable hotel where you and your pet can feel at home and have more time to plan the rest of your trip. We also have a few cafes where you can have lunch or dinner with your pet.

Potsdam is a place where you can relax with your four-legged friends, and while they sleep after a walk, it's time to look around and admire the local beauties. When staying in this area, you should try to visit such sights as Sanssouci Palace and Filmpark in Babelsberg.

Something to see and do with dogs in Potsdam

We present a selection of entertainment and interesting activities. During your stay, you should have information on veterinarians and veterinary clinics on hand in case you need to stock up on food or need medical attention.

Veterinarians and veterinary clinics

· dr Thomas Hanisch

· THE FEED HOUSE – Potsdam

· dr Anja Fahlberg

Potsdam is located in Germany and it is a popular travel destination. This is because there are many interesting sights, beautiful nature and modern infrastructure. These conditions allow exciting excursions. You will learn many new things about the foreign city. It is worth considering some cultural features and the location of attractions.

The Brandenburg Gate together with dogs

The Brandenburg Gate in Potsdam dates back to 1770 and is a beautiful sculpted architectural feature. The facility is known for having the same name as the gate in Berlin. The sight is located in the western part of Brandenburger Strasse. Until 1733 there were other gates that looked like fortresses. The Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of Potsdam.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Potsdam, pet-friendly hotels of Potsdam

Sanssouci Palace and your pets

The historic mill Sanssouci is in the park, it is built in 1739.

From 1787 to 1791 the builder built a new mill on the site of the old mill. It can be seen today, but the object was damaged during World War II and subsequently restored. The mill is known for many legends related to the construction of Sanssouci Park.

There are many historical, architectural and cultural sights in Sanssouci Park. The nature is beautiful, and the spacious park allows for long walks. Visiting the castle is possible on certain hours and days, and walks are possible every day.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Potsdam, pet-friendly hotels of Potsdam

Walk the dogs in Babelsberg Park

Park Babelsberg is located in the district of the same name. Babelsberg Palace is also located here. The hilly park area stretched along the left bank of the Hafel River. The park was founded by the architect Peter Josef Lenné and Hermann von Püller-Muskau on the orders of Prince Wilhelm, the future Kaiser Wilhelm I, and his wife Augusta. Tourists can tour this area with pets and see well-known historical and architectural landmarks.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Potsdam, pet-friendly hotels of Potsdam

The favorite pet hotels in Potsdam

We offer you a selection of hotels where you can stay with pets.

Filmhotel Lili Marleen dogs allowed

This is a 3-star hotel with a restaurant near Filmpark Babelsberg.

All pets are welcome here. They are allowed for an extra charge of EUR 6 per pet, per night.

The walking distance from sights is from 12 to 38. Here you can visit various amenities: the Babelsberg Film Park, Griebnitzsee, the Babelsberg Park, the Parforceheide, the Potsdam Forest and Havel Lakes area, the Potsdam Harbor, the Babelsberg Palace.

There are also good transport connections: Berlin (BER-Brandenburg), Potsdam Medienstadt Babelsberg train station, Griebnitzsee train station, Babelsberg S-Bahn station. You have a possibility to get to the hotel by car or even on foot.

Address: Grossbeerenstrasse 75, Potsdam, BB, 14482, Germany.

Dorint Sanssouci Berlin Potsdam dogs allowed

This is a 4.5 star hotel, the property is pet friendly here. Only dogs are welcome at Dorint Sanssouci Berlin/Potsdam. The surcharge per pet per night is 15 EUR.

The luxury style hotel with 2 bars/lounges, close to Sanssouci Palace (1.4 km).

Many sights are within walking distance. It will be very interesting for you and your dog to see everything. Jägervorstadt, Sanssouci Palace, Alexandrowka Museum, Jan Bouman House, Sanssouci Park, Belvedere on Pfingstberg, Brandenburg Gate of Potsdam, Biosphere, and Volkspark Potsdam are available.

Address: Jaegerallee 20, Potsdam, BB, 14469, Germany.

Mercure Hotel Potsdam City dogs allowed

Accommodation with your dog is possible in the four-star hotel, which is great for families. There is a restaurant near the Barberini Museum.

Pets are allowed for EUR 10 per pet, per day.

The beautiful terrace in the hotel courtyard allows you to take a relaxing walk with your pet.

As for sightseeing, you can visit the city center, Sanssouci Palace, the Barberini Museum, the Brandenburg Gate of Potsdam, the Sanssouci Park, the New Palace, the University of Potsdam, the Babelsberg Film Park nearby.

Address: Lange Brucke, Potsdam, BB, 14467, Germany.

All dog-friendly hotels in town.

restaurants, cafes

La Madeleine and her four-legged friend

After a walk near the Stasi Museum, go to La Madeleine for dinner. Taste French cuisine at La Madeleine. They make good hard breads, grilled pork and Braciole. Enjoy good Nutella pancakes, Madeleine and Moulieux. Taste good cider, Sauvignon Blanc or Calvados here. This place serves espresso, macchiato, ginger beer or caramel macchiato.

Most guests say the staff here knows what they're doing. The delicious service is the big plus of this restaurant. La Madeleine serves dishes at attractive prices. Here, visitors enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. There is a terrace, which allows you to spend time with your pet.

Address: Lindenstrasse, 9 Potsdam, Germany.

Mövenpick Restaurant at the historic mill with dogs

After visiting this restaurant, you can take a walk with a view of Mövenpick Restaurant Zur Historischen Mühle. Lovers of German cuisine will like it. Visit this place with your pet to taste appetizing dry ham, mascarpone and fillet steak. Have fun with friends and pets! Taste a good Berlin donut, ice cream and pudding. Many visitors of this restaurant recommend espresso, latte or tea.

The cozy atmosphere of Mövenpick Restaurant Zur Historischen Mühle allows guests to relax after a hard day's work. Most guests say that the staff is great here. According to customer reviews, this restaurant has a beautiful interior. Nice cuisine, excellent service, pleasant interior design. You can sit on the terrace, so your dog will be with you.

Address: Zur Historischen Mühle, 2, 14469 Potsdam, Germany.

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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