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A Dog-Friendly Journey to Stockholm, Hotels, Routes and Tourist Attractions

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Stockholm, Hotels, Routes and Tourist Attractions

Stockholm is a northern port. Despite the locale seeming harsh and void of all of the pleasantries the south may bring, the city still draws in crowds of tourists every day from all around the world, and there is a good reason for that.

Stockholm is home to the fictitious characters of Astrid Lindgren’s works. The leading European scientists worked on cutting edge research in the Swedish capital and the Nobel Awards are given out here.

The city does not have any heavy industry and you can feel its closeness to nature. This reflects on the attitude of the locals, who jokingly say that Stockholm is created out of water and greenery.

Besides the aforementioned points, Stockholm is a relatively ancient city, its history going back more than 700 years. The city spans between fourteen islands, which are connected by 57 bridges, but don’t let that frighten any pedestrian tourists, all tourist attractions are easily accessible on foot.

To make your adventures more enjoyable, we have developed a brief dog-friendly route on which you will be able to visit famous landmarks, take beautiful photos and enjoy a nature stroll with your pet.

Dog-Friendly Attractions of Stockholm

We recommend you start your journey from the Gamla Stan, or the Old Town. This district is where the history of Stockholm began. Gamla Stan is located on the Stadsholmen island and originally resembled a castle, which guarded the local citizens from raiders and conquerors. If you are to walk on the cobbled streets of the Old Town, you will see antique houses, monuments to famous Swedish kings and some buildings that were preserved since the fifteenth century. Definitely start your pet-stroll here to take in the atmosphere of the capital’s history, sip a cup of tea in one of the local cafes and treat yourself to one of the delicious traditional Swedish cuisine dishes.

Don’t forget that Sweden is a constitutional monarchy, which means that the capital has a functioning Royal Palace! This residence of the royal family is built in the baroque style, with its beautiful facades hiding antique structures and the interior of the palace is decorated with cultural heirlooms, relics, statues and paintings.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Stockholm, Hotels, Routes and Tourist Attractions

Not far from the palace you will be able to find the Royal Church of Riddarholmen. Despite its name, the temple was open to the everyday citizens of the city. This church is the only monastic church that is still standing from the middle ages. The Church of Riddarholmen will be an easily identifiable landmark, thanks to its tall azure spear-like spire.

As we mentioned previously, and perhaps as you have heard before yourself, Stockholm is the city where the Nobel Prizes are awarded. This honorable reception takes place in the Stockholm City Hall, which was built in the twentieth century on Kungsholmen island. Interestingly, it took more than eight million red bricks to construct the city hall, and one can only imagine how many brilliant scientists have been inside these walls.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Stockholm, Hotels, Routes and Tourist Attractions

While walking through the Galma Stan, you might spot a pretty building, built in the neoclassical style with some baroque elements. Despite its resemblance to a palace, this building is actually the Riksdag - the Swedish Parliament House. Any visitor can go inside the building, with one of the wings housing an art gallery, which presents several thousand paintings and works of art.

The “heart” of the Old Town is the Stortorget Square. Located on the highest point of the Stadsholmen island, this square was used as a town meeting place and market. Interestingly, when the initial settlers moved into the area, they picked their area of habitat based on their profession, so when walking around the square, you will see streets such as Köpmangatan (Merchant's Street) and Skomakargatan (Shoemaker's Street).

The square is also populated with a variety of cafes, which fill the air with dazzling aromas. We strongly recommend stopping by one of them for a “fika”, a so-called Swedish coffee-break. True Swedes are always ready to take a coffee break, preferably with dessert or a sandwich.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Stockholm, Hotels, Routes and Tourist Attractions

After visiting the Stortorget Square, we recommend you and your canine friend to visit the main pedestrian street of Stockholm, the Drottninggatan. This is where you will find the largest volume of gift shops, restaurants and boutiques, a perfect place to pick yourself up a souvenir or two. You may also see some oddly dressed folks as you stroll down the street, don’t be alarmed, as this street is the favorite place for local bohemianism.

If you want to check out how the Stockholm youth spend their time, we recommend you visit Södermalm island. The embankments are full of spontaneous fairs, the movie theaters show art-house films and among modern buildings you can find the author’s showrooms. Alas, if you visit Södermalm island, you will be both entertained and impressed.

One more famous landmark that will awe you is the Stockholm metro. Over 100 stations spread over three lines are a real work of art. Most stations are decorated to match the name of the station, with a strong emphasis on the theme, which is why the whole metro is basically a massive free art gallery that is more than a hundred kilometers long.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Stockholm, Hotels, Routes and Tourist Attractions

If you want to take in some greenery, we recommend you and your four-legged friend to visit the Kungsträdgården. Previously this park used to be the royal garden which grew fruits and vegetables for the monarchs. Over time the park became more and more public, some trees were removed, monuments added. Presently, the park is a favorite place for both tourists and locals for a nature stroll.

Stockholm has too many places to see in a single day, so we have helped you by compiling a list of the most comfortable dog-friendly hotels for you to rest and continue your exploration tomorrow!

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Stockholm

ProfilHotels Riddargatan  Stockholm dogs allowed

The ProfilHotels Riddargatan is located in one of the quietest and most prestigious districts of Stockholm.

Every suite comes with a TV, free Wi-Fi and luxury beds. You also get a small work desk, a kettle and a coffee machine.

In the vicinity of this modern hotel you will find the Stureplan square and the Old Town, both great places to take a stroll with your pet. The Kungsträdgården is also not too far, so this hotel could possibly be the best place to stay, at least from the perspective of your puppy.

If you wish to stay at the ProfilHotels Riddargatan with your canine companion, there will be an additional surcharge of 300 Swedish krona per pet, per night.

Scandic Klara  Stockholm dogs allowed

A true dog-friendly eco-hotel! The Scandic Klara is located beside the Hötorget square and the Drottninggatan street.

The decorations inside the suites reflect the atmosphere of Stockholm, with the wooden floors, complete sound insulation, air conditioning and a TV. The hotel has a fitness room and a sauna, if you wish to visit it.

The hotel lobby also features a restaurant, which serves breakfast (mostly sandwiches) and all day long coffee. During the summer, you can have your breakfast in the cozy inner courtyard.

There will be an additional surcharge of 200 krona for your pet. Thankfully this is a solitary payment that is good for your entire duration of stay.

Scandic Continental  Stockholm dogs allowed

The Scandic Continental is located not far from the Sergels Torg (Sergel’s Square).

The hotel features a roof terrace that gives a beautiful panoramic view of the city where you can take in the sights, sip a tasty cocktail or dine at the restaurants with ecologically friendly cuisine.

The suites have a TV, a bathroom, a hygienic kit and a fan.

The fitness center and sauna are open 24/7. If you wish, the hotel can rent you a bicycle or walking sticks for your adventures.

The twelfth floor of the hotel has a large terrace, which gives you a great view of the city.

For late evening pet walks, the hotel is located in close proximity to the Kungsträdgården park.

If you wish to stay at the hotel with your pet, there will be a nightly surcharge of 200 krona. Pet food and water bowls will be provided upon request.

Clarion Hotel Sign  Stockholm dogs allowed

The Clarion Sign is built from granite and glass, based on the work of the Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh. The suites are furnished with furniture from famous Scandinavian designers.

The hotel has a spa, a swimming pool, a sauna, a terrace with a panoramic view and a fitness center.

If you get hungry, the hotel has a bar and a restaurant, where you can try out traditional Scandinavian dishes.

There will be a solitary surcharge of 250 krona for your canine friend for the entire duration of your stay.

At Six Stockholm dogs allowed

This excellent dog-friendly hotel is located in the center of Stockholm. The roof has a terrace, which gives you a great vantage point to spy on the everyday life of the city while sipping on a cocktail from their bar.

The suites come with a coffee maker, a TV and an audio system. The bathroom has a tropical shower and a bathtub, a fan and an eco-friendly hygiene kit.

The hotel also has its very own authentic Scandinavian bakery for you to try.

If you want to take a stroll through the Old Town, it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to get there from the At Six hotel.

If you wish to stay at the At Six Hotel with your canine friend, there will be an additional surcharge of 250 krona for the duration of your stay. Pet food and water bowls will be provided upon request.

Final Thoughts

Stockholm is a city that can be viewed from a few different angles. It has an interesting mix of ancient and modern architecture.The city is surrounded by nature, water and a very healthy living environment.

It is a perfect place for both pedestrians and velo-tourists, as well as connoisseurs of the harsh northern landscapes.

Thanks to a plethora of dog-friendly locations, you can visit it with your four-legged companion and share the joy of exploring the gem of northern Europe, try out the local cuisine and rest at a modern and comfortable hotel.

Come to Stockholm with your dog! Take in the fresh marine air, sample exquisite Scandinavian dishes and check out the organic products!

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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