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A Dog-Friendly Journey to Venice - Hotels, Routes and Landmarks

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Venice - Hotels, Routes and Landmarks

If there is a city that you wouldn’t want to leave, Venice must be it. From the first time you set foot in it, the city charms you. Romantic and mysterious, it leaves a lasting impression. You always want to return to this city-museum, admire and tell everyone all about it.

Every building is unique and is a sight to behold, harmoniously adding to the dizzying panoramic view of Venice, where every street beckons to be explored and cafes demand to be sampled with their stylish design and enticing aromas.

Follow the route that we have developed for you to fully dive into the extravaganza of Italian architecture and get to know this city from the inside.

The Best Dog-Friendly Route of Venice

Venice is a major maritime city located on almost 190 islands. It is divided into six districts, with the most interesting being Mestre, Lido and the main district that is called “Venice-Burano-Murano”. The last district is subdivided into six historical quarters.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Venice - Hotels, Routes and Landmarks

We are going to begin our journey, ofcourse, from the city center - the San Marco. A uniquely architecturally designed cathedral and city square bearing the same name are located here. Nearby to San Marco you will be able to check out the Doge’s Palace, Campanile tower, Library of Saint Mark and the Bridge of Sighs. The bridge itself was built in the 17th century in the baroque style, based on the architectural project of Antonie da Ponte. The bridge’s history is shrouded in myths and legends, adding to its tourist appeal, drawing in thousands of visitors and inspiring authors and artists. The walls of the bridge are made of white limestone, a semicircular roof is installed above it and there are several small windows in its walls. Interestingly, the bridge’s purpose is not exactly romantic, it connects the prison to the courtroom.

San Polo, just like San Marco, is the heart of Venice. It is filled with a variety of points of interest, including the Rialto Bridge, Church of San Polo, Catholic Church of Saint Giacomo di Rialto, Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frai. Interestingly, the last cathedral is an ensemble of multiple architectural styles, bearing markings of venetian architecture, gothic and byzantine styles and holding Titian's “Pesaro Madonna” within its walls.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Venice - Hotels, Routes and Landmarks

There are always a lot of tourists and gondoliers near the Rialto Bridge, and for good reason. This is the oldest and the first bridge across the Grand Canal. It is widely considered to be the most beautiful bridge in all of Venice. Initially, the bridge resembled a floating pontoon, later being upgraded to wood and stone. The bridge, in the form we see it now, goes back all the way to the 16th century. Definitely make sure to take a few photos of your pet by the bridge, as you will be going back and looking at those images for many years to come.

The aforementioned Grand Canal is one of the busiest commercial arteries of Venice. It is a landmark in its own right that deserves your time and attention. If you are ever on a stroll in the vicinity of the canal during the afternoon or evenings, you will be able to listen to the songs that the gondoliers sing to their passengers during their cruises and experience the romantic atmosphere of Venice.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Venice - Hotels, Routes and Landmarks

Let’s keep moving to the largest of the six historical districts of the city - the Castello. Located in the eastern part of Venice, the area was the place of an ancient Roman castle, which gave name to the district. Unfortunately the castle didn’t survive, but the Church of San Pietro di Castello is now situated where it used to be.

When you get to Castello, we recommend visiting the Arsenal, a complex of shipyards and wharfs that built galleys. Head east until you get to the array of parks and gardens, your four-legged friend will definitely enjoy it here and you will be able to take a breather on one of the benches and enjoy the quiet tranquil atmosphere of the majestic city.

After you recuperate, we are going to head to the western part of the district. This area has several locations that are prime candidates for photos, namely the Church of Saint Zacharias, Cathedral of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, as well as the beloved by tourists Riva degli Schiavone, also sometimes called the Slavic Embankment. The latter is most beautiful in the evenings, just when the sun is setting, reflecting the last golden rays of the sun on the facades of the bridges, buildings and spires.

It is hard to imagine Venice without the islands that are crucial to the city: Lido, Murano, Burano, San Michele and Poveglia.

A Dog-Friendly Journey to Venice - Hotels, Routes and Landmarks

If you visit Burano, you will witness uniquely vivid houses, the Museum of Lace and the slanted 52 meter tall campanile of the San Martino Cathedral. On the island of Murano local masters create some of the most unique glass in the world; a perfect place for you to pick yourself and your friends a few souvenirs.

If you want to visit a beach, head to the island of Lido, it has everything for a comfortable stay. This is also the place of the famous Venice Film Festival.

The district of Veneto also has several relaxing places and a few beaches, among which are Bau Bau Beach in Jesolo, Bau Bau Beach in Caorle, Bee Beach Caorle, Bagno Tamerici Rosolina Mare, Spiaggia Pluto in Bibione and others.

Once you fully take in the winding streets, elegant bridges, Renaissance castles, gothic cathedrals, cafes and shops you will probably be exhausted. We have compiled a list of the most comfortable hotels for you and your four-legged friend to rest and recover your energy.

Dog-Friendly Hotels of Venice

Hotel Montecarlo dogs allowed

The Montecarlo is a dog-friendly hotel situated in a 17th century building, located in the center of Venice, right beside St. Mark’s Square

The suites are decorated using the traditional venetian style, all the while not forgetting any of the amenities, such as internet, a TV and air conditioning.

The hotel has a restaurant that serves classical Italian dishes as well as a wide variety of wines (they keep over 800 different varieties in the cellar).

If you so desire, there is a lounge area and a bar to sample some of the Italian cocktails.

The hotel is located close to the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto Bridge, both excellent places if you wish to take your canine friend for an atmospheric walk through Venice.

There are no surcharges for your pet to stay with you.

Hotel Concordia dogs allowed

The Concordia hotel is located in close proximity to a beach and allows you to rent a bicycle free of charge to help you explore the surroundings.

All suites have air conditioning, a fridge, an LCD TV, internet and your own bathroom.

Every morning the hotel serves breakfast at a buffet, and full scale menu in the evenings, allowing you to sample classical Italian cuisine dishes.

The hotel also has a terrace! Make sure to bring something to sip on while enjoying the view.

If you wish to stay at the Concordia with your pet, there will be a solitary surcharge of €50 for the duration of your stay.

Splendid Venice — Starhotels Collezione dogs allowed

This dog-friendly hotel is located in the center of Venice, an arm's reach away from St. Mark’s Square.

The hotel has its own pier, if you feel like going for a swim, its own restaurant and a roof viewpoint terrace.

The suites are elegantly decorated and come with air conditioning, a TV and a mini bar. The bathroom is clean and the bathrobe and slippers will be at your disposal once you move in.

Breakfast is served at a buffet.

There will be no surcharges for your canine companion to move in with you and the staff will provide your pet food and water bowls upon request.

Colombina Hotel dogs allowed

The Colombina Hotel is situated near the Grand Palace Canal and the Bridge of Sighs, with a great view of both and in close proximity to St. Mark’s Square, giving you an excellent place to go for a stroll with your puppy. If you pick one of the suites on the top floor, you will have an excellent view of the palace, bell tower and dome of the cathedral.

The suites are decorated with marble and have a traditional venetian style.

Every suite has air conditioning, internet and a TV.

In the mornings you can grab yourself breakfast in the main building and relax in the lounge. The lobby helpdesk is open 24/7.

If you wish to stay at the Colombina with your pet, make sure his/her weight does not exceed 6kg. There will be a daily surcharge of €15 per pet. Food and water bowls will be provided upon request.

Sina Centurion Palace dogs allowed

If you want a luxurious stay at a five star hotel, the Sina Centurion Palace is a great choice. The windows open to a stellar view of the Grand Canal and the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute. Most of the points of interest are within walking distance for both you and your pet.

The elegant suites of Centurion Palace are located in a 19th century building, where the past brilliantly meets the present in a mix of antique-modernism. All suites come with your own bathroom, climate control, air conditioning and a mini bar. The hotel also features a fitness center.

If you feel hungry in the morning, the hotel serves breakfast at a buffet with a wide variety of foods to choose from.

As long as you are bringing only one dog with you per suite, there will be no pet surcharges for the whole duration of your stay.

Final Thoughts

Venice is a city that demands careful and methodical exploration. Every day there are places to discover and fascinating landmarks to behold. Local cafes and boutiques will have something for everyone. The city feels welcoming to both you and your pet, most places and hotels are extremely dog-friendly and will be happy to see you both.

Come to Venice with your pet, enjoy the brilliant sunset from San Marco, explore ancient streets and delve into a unique atmosphere of the history of this city.

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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