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A dog-friendly trip to Hanover, pet-friendly hotels in Hanover

A dog-friendly trip to Hanover, pet-friendly hotels in Hanover

The capital of Lower Saxony is known in Germany for its exhibitions and music events. It is also an important economic center in the country. But tourists especially love Hanover for its historical sights. Although the city was partially destroyed during World War II, some buildings have been preserved and others have been restored to their original form. Today, the city delights travelers with its unique architecture and culture. If you are looking for an unusual city to travel with your dog, Hanover is the perfect option for you!

See the sights of Hanover with a dog

Visit the new town hall with a pet.

The New Town Hall is one of the places in Hanover that every traveler should visit. It is an administration building, the Hanover city administration is located here. The building is decorated in Baroque style and has many exquisite details that visitors love to look at. It is also one of the most popular photo destinations in Hanover among tourists. The town hall stands on the bank of the artificial pond, surrounded by a small park. Enjoy a walk with your pet around the New Town Hall!

A dog-friendly trip to Hanover, pet-friendly hotels in Hanover

See the old town hall with a dog

The building of the Old Town Hall is designated as a monument of the Middle Ages. The Old Town Hall is very different from the New - the building was built in the Gothic style, it is very austere and monumental. You will definitely notice it against the backdrop of the city as the town hall is built entirely of red brick. Everyone who visits this place feels transported back to the Middle Ages. Take your pet to the old town hall and see another important monument of the city with your own eyes.

Visit Kröpcke clock with pets

Another landmark of the city is the Kröpcke clock, which is located in the tourist center of Hanover. It is a popular meeting place for locals. They regard the clock in a green curb as a jewel of the city and take great care with it. Start your walk with the dog through the city here and then go shopping. There are many good shops and malls next to the clock.

Follow the red thread with dogs

Do you like to travel without a tour guide? The city authorities have figured out how to make sightseeing easier for tourists. On the sidewalks you can notice a red line that runs through the whole city. This is the common thread that leads to the most popular sights. Along the Red Thread you can visit the Old and New Town Hall, the buildings of churches and theaters and many other places. A walk through the sights of the Red Thread will give you and your dog a lot of impressions!

to the market church with pets

One of the oldest sights in Hanover is the Marktkirche. In the past it was destroyed many times, but today it has been restored and is visited by many tourists. It is also a monument of Gothic architecture, but if you are not interested in architecture, you can see the Martin Luther monument next to the church. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Marktkirche! Your dog will love strolling around the market square while you explore the church.

A dog-friendly trip to Hanover, pet-friendly hotels in Hanover

Pet-friendly hotels in Hanover

Novotel Suites Hanover dogs allowed

Novotel Suites is one of the excellent hotels in Hanover with reasonable prices. It is in the heart of the city, next to many popular attractions. If you choose this hotel, you will see many interesting things in the area. For guests, the hotel has parking, a fitness center, a computer station and a dry cleaning service. There are also common seating areas where you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. The Hotel Novotel Suites allows dogs. The overnight stay of a pet costs 10 euros per night. Hotel staff will provide food and water bowls for pet owners.

Mercure Hotel Hannover dogs allowed

The beautiful Hotel Mercure is located in the city center. It is spacious and stylishly furnished, so guests always like to spend a lot of time here. The hotel has its own terrace, a good restaurant with a bar, a gym, a business center and a computer station. The reception works 24 hours a day and you can always ask the hotel staff for help. In the rooms you will find all amenities such as minibar, kettle or iron with ironing board. Free WiFi is available on site at the hotel. Accommodation at the Mercure is perfect for families and those traveling with pets. If you come with the dog, you should pay 10 euros per night here.

Hotel Elisabetha dogs allowed

Cozy Hotel Elizaveta is also in the city center. There is a nice garden, so guests always have a nice view from the window. There is always a pleasant atmosphere in the garden, so visitors enjoy walking there. Rooms are not that big but they have everything guests need. Optionally, you can choose a room with a terrace. The hotel offers a breakfast buffet for a fee, but some guests prefer to have breakfast in the outdoor picnic area. The staff always welcomes pets. Here you can spend the night with your dog for 8.5 euros. You and your dog will definitely love the accommodation at Hotel Elisabetha!

All dog-friendly hotels in town.

Pet-friendly cafes and restaurants in Hanover

Le Feu Pets allowed

In the Le Feu restaurant, everything has been thought through down to the smallest detail. As soon as you enter the restaurant you will notice the stylish interior. In addition to design, here you will find wonderful French dishes and a wide range of drinks. Taste wines from France and they will enhance your meal! The friendly staff will be happy to help you choose food and drinks. You can always come here with your dog, pets are welcome at Le Feu restaurant!

· Bodekerstrasse 46, 30161, Hanover, Lower Saxony Germany.

Dog-friendly Ngon Kitchen

For Asian food go to Ngon Kitchen! Here you will find delicious and aromatic dishes from China, Thailand and Vietnam. Don't forget that the food can be spicy because the chefs add traditional spices! There are also dishes for vegetarians. This restaurant is not very big but bright and cosy. And the staff is always happy to serve guests with dogs. Ngon Kitchen is located in the city center, so after your walk, go to this restaurant for lunch!

· Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 38-40 Entrance Goseriede Str., 30159, Hannover, Lower Saxony Germany.

Pet-friendly Atlantic Grill house

The Atlantic Grill House restaurant offers a varied menu with grilled dishes and various appetizers as well as classic Italian pizza. The prices here are not high, so this place is perfect for budget travelers. There are also several tables outside the restaurant, so you can enjoy your lunch outside in warm weather. At the pet-friendly restaurant, the Atlantic Grill Haus, you and your dog will have a good time together!

· Volgersweg 49, 30175, Hanover, Lower Saxony Germany.

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