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A Journey to Rome with Your Dog. Pet-friendly Hotels of Rome

A Journey to Rome with Your Dog. Pet-friendly Hotels of Rome

Rome - the eternal city - is jam-packed with history and tourist landmarks. You can visit it time after time and still keep finding something new and interesting for yourself.

The capital of Italy is one of the most famous tourism locations in the world, drawing in people from every corner of the Earth, and for a good reason. This city has some of the most (still standing) ancient architecture, exact locations and landmarks where history was made and the best part - it's all visitable with your canine friend!

Rome can be an overwhelming city with a mind boggling number of places to see and things to do. To make your life a little easier, we have compiled a list of the most interesting places you can visit in Italy, all in the company of your trusted hound.

Dog-Friendly Sightseeing Guide of Rome: Most Captivating Places

We are going to begin our acquaintance with the capital of Italy with the Capitoline Hill (Mons Capitolinus), which is, without a doubt, the most important place in the city. During antiquity, this place was the political and religious center of Rome. If you were to translate Mons Capitolinus from Latin to English, it would mean “head” or “summit”. The Capitoline Square, Palazzo Senatorio (Senatorial Palace) and Cordonata stairs made from white marble were all in-part designed by a famous architect and painter Michelangelo Buonarroti. From the first minutes when you get to the Capitolium you will feel the grandiosity and atmosphere of ancient Rome.

We couldn’t leave the name that practically became synonymous with Rome and the Roman Empire out of this guide, so our next destination will be the Colosseum. Initially named the Flavian Amphitheater, it was built in the first century AD, having the unprecedented capacity to hold more than 50’000 Roman spectators that were thirsty for wine and games. Even though the years have not been kind to the Colosseum, destroying whole sections of it over the centuries, it still maintains its grandiosity. We strongly recommend checking out the Colosseum and standing beside it to fully comprehend the scale and the totality of this building.

We are sure everyone has a secret wish we keep close to our heart. While walking the ancient streets of Rome with your loyal furry companion and looking at the astounding architecture, you start realizing that human capacity is truly endless. Perhaps this makes you start pondering that the crazy secret wish you keep isn’t so fruitless or impossible afterall. To guarantee the fruition of said wish, we urge you to visit the Trevi Fountain, which is perhaps the most famous fountain in the city.

The massive composition raking it at a whopping 20 meters in height draws in tourists from all around the world. There is a long and confirmed belief that if you are to throw a coin into the fountain while making a wish, you will definitely return to Rome. If you are to throw two coins, you will meet the love of your life. If, however, you throw all three coins, your most secret and coveted wish will come true. Try it out and see for yourself if that belief holds true!

After you complete your coin throwing ritual, head to the Piazza di Spagna (Square of Spain), which gets its name from the Spanish embassy that still stands here since the early 17th century. The square is full of curiosities and points of interest. On one side of the square we have the famous Fontana della Barcaccia and the beautiful Church of Trinità dei Monti. On the other side you will notice the Palazzo di Propaganda Fide and the Column of the Immaculate Conception. If you brought your canine companion with you, make sure to check out the Spanish Steps, which are considered the most beautiful stairs in all of Europe, the scale and architecture of which will awe even the most passionless traveler. To top off the Square of Spain experience, and the nearby street of Via dei Condotti, you may desire to visit some of the most fashionable stores and boutiques that sell the highest quality brands from all of Italy.

While in Rome, make sure to visit the Vatican - the smallest country in the world, located in the heart of Rome. The Vatican is not only the center for Catholics from all around the world, but also the heart for all cultural and historic artifacts from all of Europe.

The heart of the Vatican is the St. Peter’s Square, a place where thousands of Catholics from all around the world come to and listen to the Pope give sermons in person. While walking on the St. Peter’s Square, try to spot a thin white line on the tiles - it designates the border between the Vatican and Italy.

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed by the pomposity of the architecture, but still want to feel the spirit of ancient Rome, we recommend you visit the Trastevere neighborhood. This colorful and authentically Italian district is located on the far side of Tiber, with many of its buildings and houses being erected over several hundred years ago. It is possible to get dizzy and lost while strolling the streets of Trastevere with your pup, but the buildings covered with crawling ivy and grapes will definitely make it a beautiful and memorable experience. It is worth pointing out that this neighborhood is, perhaps, the most traditionally Italian that you can think of, and definitely warrants a few photos to be taken to cheer you up for years to come.

After you have finished taking in the streets of Trastevere, we recommend visiting the Appian Way, a road that stands (pretty much unchanged) for more than fifteen hundred years. The Appian Way stretches from Rome to the Mediterranean sea and was constructed with due diligence, being considered the best road in the world for a long time. Every brick was meticulously chosen and placed, creating a remarkably smooth surface for a cobbled road. High quality roads became practically synonymous with the Roman Empire, as it allowed the merchants and travelers to transport themselves and their goods quickly, and, most importantly, enabled their military to cover large stretches of land over a short period of time. Even today, while walking the Appian Way with your puppy, you can practically feel the quality of the road and the effort it took to construct it.

If you desire to be a little closer to nature amidst this millenia old metropolis, we recommend visiting the Villa Borghese. During the early 17th century, this land was used to be the palace for Cardinal Scipione Borghese, who built it over some grape plantations. The palace was surrounded by a massive English-style park with numerous antique statues being placed throughout its territory. Presently this park belongs to the government, meaning that you can enjoy the quiet alleys and pathways with your furry friend absolutely free of charge and cool off from the blistering heat under the shade of its trees.

Another park we can recommend visiting, if you get tired of the bustle and hustle of the city, is the Villa Celimontana (or simply the Celio). This park is open to all visitors and is a great spot to wander and stroll through, perhaps even throw a picnic or relax on its vividly green and soft grass. Interestingly, the villa itself is presently being used as home for the Italian Geographic Society, which holds some of the most treasured maps in Italy.

We have outlined only a tiny fraction of all of the famous landmarks and points of interest in the city, so rest assured you will need the energy for further exploration of the city. To guarantee you the repose you will require for your journey the next day, we have compiled a list of the most cozy hotels in Rome, all of which you can stay at with your puppy!

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Rome

Mercure Roma Piazza Bologna pet-friendly hotel in Rome

This amazing dog-friendly hotel is located in an ancient 19th century building. All rooms come with air conditioning, a mini-bar and a TV. The bathroom comes with a free hygienic set. The hotel is stationed in a busy neighborhood, with restaurants, authentic shops and cozy cafes all around.

For late evening dog walks, the hotel is close to a few parks, namely Villa Torlonia and Villa Massimo, where you can enjoy the atmosphere while sipping on a refreshing smoothie or frappuccino.

The hotel has a dog-friendly policy, provided that the weight of your furry companion does not exceed 15 kilograms. There will also be an additional daily surcharge of €20 for each pet you bring with you.

Gioberti Art Hotel (✪✪✪✪)

 Gioberti Art Hotel pet-friendly in Rome

This hotel is located in a historic 19th century structure with vast stretches of greenery for puppy walks in its immediate proximity and various shops and cafes to visit a few minutes away.

The interior is decorated in the avant-garde style, using bright gammas and vivid colors. All suites come with AC, a very modern TV and a mini and snack bars. The bathroom is worth noting for its comfort.

Every morning the hotel serves buffet-style breakfasts.

If you wish to stay at this hotel with your dog, make sure that his/her weight does not exceed 50 kilograms. There will be an additional solitary surcharge of €30 for the duration of your stay at the Gioberti Art Hotel with your pup.

NH Collection Roma Vittorio Veneto  pet friendly hotel in Rome

The NH Collection Roma Vittorio Veneto is located on one of the most beautiful streets in all of Rome - the Via Veneto. We strongly recommend taking a stroll down this street with your canine companion, and once you feel the need to cool off, visiting the Villa Borghese.

The suites of the hotel are modern and stylish, sporting the minimalist design, yet including everything you may require for your stay. If you desire, the hotel has a bar to sip a few cold ones, a roof mounted terrace to relax on and take in the view of Saint Peter’s Square and the Aurelian Walls.

The hotel serves breakfast at a buffet and has a restaurant if you want to grab a few authentic Roman and Mediterranean dishes.

You can stay at the Roma Vittorio Veneto with your puppy, as long as you didn’t bring more than two of them, and as long as the weight of each individually does not exceed 25 kilograms. There will be an additional solitary surcharge of €35 (per pet) for the whole duration of your stay.

H10 Roma Città (✪✪✪✪)

H10 Roma Città hotel in Rome dog friendly

The H10 Rome Città is located on the Villa Marconi and offers various features and amenities, such as a spa center, a beautiful roof terrace/swimming pool, a fitness room, a Turkish sauna, a massage parlor and a wellness center.

The restaurant’s breakfast is self-served at a buffet and contains various options and desserts, while dinner is served from a wide variety of choices from the classical Italian and authentic Roman cuisines.

The H10 Roma is a dog-friendly hotel, but will require a one-time fee of an additional €45 per pet for the whole duration of your stay.

Roma Luxus Hotel (✪✪✪✪✪)

This dog-friendly hotel is located in the Monti district, a few minutes walk from the Roman Forum and the Piazza Venezia.

The spacious suites come with air conditioning, an electric kettle, and a TV. The hotel will provide its guests with all bathroom necessities, including comfortable slippers and bathrobes.

The hotel’s buffet serves a wide variety of dishes and courses, from snacks to international courses.

If you want to stay at this hotel with your dog, make sure his/her weight does not exceed 10 kilograms. There is also a policy of only allowing one dog per suite with an additional solitary €25 surcharge for the duration of your stay here with your pet. The hotel will provide your canine companion with water and food bowls upon request.

Rome is a unique city, full of colourful locations and curious angles. Cozy patios, quiet streets, marvels of architecture and an atmosphere of historic grandiosity all await you at the capital of Italy. We hope you will enjoy your stay here, and keep coming back over and over. Rome is a very dog-friendly city where you can easily find a cafe or a hotel that will welcome your furry canine companion(s). Its various walking trails and pathways ensure you and your pet will never feel bored.

Experience the Italian hospitality for yourself, come visit Rome with your pup!

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