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Discover Crete with your dog! Tips for walking, eating and entertaining

Discover Crete with your dog! Tips for walking, eating and entertaining

It is not for nothing that Crete is considered the pearl of Greece and the center of ancient culture. Here you can find everything - castles, churches, great museums and huge archaeological excavations, preserved ancient wall paintings and good old traditions. Together with the mild climate, golden sand, clear sea and picturesque views of the mountains, it is an ideal place for rest and great impressions, especially if you are traveling with your four-legged friend!

Dog-Friendly Sights of Crete

The island is divided into four districts - Heraklion, Lasithi, Rethymno and Chania. Each of them has its own special features and suits different holiday styles. The famous castle, where according to the legend Minotaur lived, is located in Heraklion. If you are lucky and manage to escape from it ( ), you will also see other temples, castles and fountains in the area, but they appeared a little later.

Discover Crete with your dog! Tips for walking, eating and entertaining

Stroll your dog around Rethymno, where the heart of the island lies: here you will find cobbled streets, ancient churches, caves and valleys, mountain gorges and spectacular beaches. You can even feel the old-historical atmosphere here in the air.

If you go to Lasithi in the east direction, you will find yourself in the "most expensive" district of the island. It is here that the best beaches and luxurious hotels are located. This district is also known for the salty lake Voulismeni.-When visiting, please make sure that your dog does not drink from this lake. We recommend that you take a fresh water drinker with you for this excursion.

Discover Crete with your dog! Tips for walking, eating and entertaining

If you want to go to the most green district of the island, then head west where Chania district is located. What is guaranteed to interest you are twelve chasms, the vast Samaria Gorge and the Kandanos Valley, where a lot of ancient temples were built. Narrow streets and classic Greek architecture create a sense of immersion in history.

Here you can climb the White Mountains of Lefka Ori, walk your dog, look at the surroundings, breathe in the rarefied air and take some excellent photos. If you need a good rest, get off the high ground and head south. There are a couple of wild beaches where you can swim with your dog.

After a satiated stroll, it's time to think about good food and drink. We have found a few excellent cafes for you, where dogs are also welcome!

Pet friendly places of Crete

Kafenio ο Lakkos

Cozy restaurant where you can go with the dog. Peaceful and positive surroundings of this place are conducive to rest and enjoyment of Cretan specialties.

In this dog-friendly restaurant you can not only eat quickly, but also discover specific local cuisine: spicy potatoes from the oven, cool seaweed, huge Cretan olives критские оливки fried in traditional Mediterranean spices, fragrant coffee and kraft berries with foam will definitely increase your taste Mood. For dessert, homemade yoghurt, ice cream or another dessert will be proposed.

You will feel most comfortable together with your dog on the terrace in the shade of trees with dense crowns. It is not hot here and there is a special atmosphere. Beautiful views of spectacular small streets and alleys are added with the help of picturesque streets and murals. Very simple dishes seem to you to be unique there!

Address of the restaurant: Taxiarchou Markopoulou 41, Heraklion 712 01

Archaia Lappa

This cozy and dog-friendly cafe is ideal for eating and relaxing after a long walk. Muted subtle colors of the furnishings with handmade decor give the feeling that you are staying with a good friend. Warm welcome from the cafe owners will raise your spirits and make you feel at home.

Archaia Lappa offers Greek and Mediterranean specialties: salads, baked vegetables, fruits, yoghurts and much more. For example, you can start with freshly squeezed orange juice or a smoothie made from avocado and orange to restore strength and refresh yourself after a hot day. It's also worth tasting fantastic crusty bread with local olive oil. If you plan to taste multiple menu items, expect the portions to be quite large at this cafe.

The café has a terrace where you can sit comfortably with your dog.

Address of the restaurant: Ancient Lappa's Necropolis, Argyroupolis, Argiroupolis 740 55

To Stachi

One of the best healthy cuisine restaurants in Crete! A spiritual place where the food is prepared with love. The owners are totally involved in the business, are happy to show their kitchen to the restaurant visitors, tell their house history, share their recipes and offer their best specialties for tasting.

Even the food here is tender and fine. We also recommend stuffed peppers, stuffed vine leaves, aubergine casserole, vegetable salad, moussaka, aubergines with raisins and pine nuts, spinach cakes, lentil soup.

Some of the tables are outside, so you can easily find the ideal place for you and your four-legged friend here. Even the place is quiet and picturesque, in the distance you can see the sea and a piece of the city. We are sure that you will return here several times.

Address of the restaurant: Defkalionos 5, Chania,73134

Dog-friendly accommodation options in Crete

Stella Paradise dogs allowed

The apart-hotel Stella Paradise is located in a typical Crete town of Hersonissos, only 150 meters from the sandy beach of Agia Paraskevi. The city center can be reached in five minutes on foot.

The rooms are in study format, so they are spacious and have beautiful design. There are variants with their own kitchen and balcony. Each room is equipped with TV, air conditioning, stove, fridge, iron and safe. The bathrooms are decorated with marble, all hygienic things are free of charge for hotel guests.

In the vicinity of this dog-friendly hotel there are plenty of supermarkets, restaurants and snack bars, as well as many opportunities for dog walks. There are also bus stops nearby.

When reserving a room, please be sure to indicate that you are coming with your dog so that the hotel owners can prepare everything necessary.

Villa Irida dogs allowed

Villa Irida is located in the heart of the quiet village of Psari Forada, just a minute's walk from the beach. The villa is perfect both for vacation with your dog and for discovering fantastic places of South Crete.

The endless blue Libyan Sea, clear sea water and clean beach await you here. The district is ideal for tourists who prefer quiet rest and stunning agricultural landscapes.

The local beach is very long and almost deserted, which gives it an unbeatable advantage: you can walk here with your dog very comfortably and swim in the crystal-clear water. Here it is interesting not only to swim together with your four-legged friend, but also to discover the underwater world with a snorkeling mask.

In this place you can also immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of a Crete village! All the villagers there are very friendly, funny and sure to find a topic to communicate with.

A cozy patio inside the villa with numerous Mediterranean plants protects you from the hot sun and is perfect for a quiet rest with your dog. Enjoy your breakfast on your private balcony overlooking the sea, surrounded by flowers and birds singing. We are sure that this place will bring you only positive impressions! Accommodation of pets at Villa Irida is absolutely free!

Another excellent hotel, where you can perfectly relax with a dog. On the territory there is a large pool with a bar, bordered with dense plants. The beach is a few minutes walk from the hotel.

Guests have at their disposal rooms with their own balcony, from which fantastic views of the sea or the flowered courtyard of the hotel open. The restaurant offers a wide range of specialties from the traditional Cretan cuisine.

In the morning a good buffet is served in the breakfast room.

The facility is developed in muted and calm colors. In your room you will find TV with satellite channels, sofa and private bathroom with all cosmetics and detergents.

By the pool, guests can sunbathe on the sun loungers and order drinks from the bar. There is also a tennis court on the hotel premises.

When reserving a room, please indicate that you are coming with your dog. Guests with pets are particularly welcome!

Holidaying on Crete with a dog is a perfect solution: on the island you will find hotels, bars and interesting promenades for strolling with your four-legged friend - everything you need for unforgettable impressions!

Unique nature, traditional Cretan cuisine and friendly people create a positive atmosphere. Come to Crete with your dog, feel close to nature, enjoy the warm climate, picturesque landscapes and fantastic sea water.

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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