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Dog-friendly trip to Cologne, pet-friendly hotels in Cologne

Dog-friendly trip to Cologne, pet-friendly hotels in Cologne

Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany. It was almost entirely wiped off the face of the earth during World War II. The result is that Cologne is a very modern city on the outside. The city will celebrate the 2000th anniversary. This city is one of the most visited places in Germany. There are a lot of interesting tourist old and modern places here.

The Cologne Cathedral

Enjoy the beauty with your pet

Cologne Cathedral has been the city's most important sight for centuries and is still the most famous church in Germany today. A 4th-century Roman temple once stood on this site, then a small church built by order of the first Christian bishop of Cologne, and it was not until 1248 that the construction of the miracle we can see today began. The current Gothic church took more than 600 years to build. Two huge towers, completed in 1880, rise above Cologne's horizon, making the cathedral the second tallest building in the city.

Dog-friendly trip to Cologne, pet-friendly hotels in Cologne

Walk your dog across the bridge

Of the seven bridges that connect the banks of the Rhine in Cologne, the Hohenzollern Bridge is the most famous. To a large extent, this contributes to its close proximity to the Duomo. The construction of the first bridge at this point took place from 1907 to 1911. In 1945, when Allied troops stormed Cologne, German military engineers blew up the old crossing. After only three years, the bridge was partially repaired and completely renovated in 1959. Thanks to the proximity to Cologne Central Station, around 1,200 trains cross the Hohenzollern Bridge every day. One can cross the Rhine with the help of the footpath that is over the bridge. If you choose this path, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful view of the Cologne horizon with your pet.

Visit the old town with a dog

As you walk through the stone streets in the historic center of the city, remember that three quarters of Cologne was destroyed during World War II. 70 years ago there was only rubble here. One can still feel the atmosphere of the old town in these streets and squares, even where the post-war concrete buildings stand. When you get to the Old Town, you will find the Dwarf Fountain from 1899. According to legend, the dwarfs worked hard at night so that the townspeople could relax. It was so long before the dwarves took offense and left the city forever.

Dog-friendly trip to Cologne, pet-friendly hotels in Cologne

Heading to the stylish Belgian Quarter with a dog

The most stylish district of Cologne is the Belgian Quarter. It lies between Achenerstraße in the south and Friesenplatz in the north-east. All streets are named after the cities and provinces of Belgium, that is, Liège, Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Maastricht, Utrecht. It is essentially a reminder of Germany's victory in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 years. The Belgian Quarter is a district of galleries, theaters, concerts, trendy bars, cafes and boutiques selling vintage clothing or handmade accessories. In the summer, young people gather at the Brussels Square with its numerous bars and restaurants to drink beer or simply chat.

The pet-friendly hotels in Cologne

Courtyard by Marriott Cologne Dogs Allowed

This is a 4 star hotel with a restaurant. It is near the Musical Dome.

Pets are welcome here, but restrictions apply. You can only take 1 pet max 20 kg per room. You must supervise your pets. If necessary, food and water bowls are available.

The surcharge per pet per stay is EUR 50.

Many sights are within walking distance. It takes only 13-37 minutes to walk there. They are the Cologne Cathedral, the Cologne Zoo, the Lanxess Arena, the Cologne Fair, the Musical Dome, the Museum Ludwig, the Old Market, the Neumarkt, the Chocolate Museum, the Claudius Therme.

Hotel Mondial am Dom Cologne MGallery Dogs Allowed

The hotel has 4.5 stars. The hotel is in a luxurious style, there are 2 restaurants here. It is within walking distance to the shopping center and close to the Cologne Cathedral.

Pets are welcome, but they are allowed for an extra charge of EUR 10 per pet per night.

Various sights are available: the Cologne Cathedral, the Lanxess Arena, the Cologne Zoo, the Cologne Fair, the Museum Ludwig, the Old Market, the Musical Dome, the Chocolate Museum, the Neumarkt, the Claudius Therme.

The time you need is from 2 to 31 minutes walk. Enjoy the beauties with your pet.

Messehotel Köln-Deutz Cologne Dogs Allowed

This 3.5 star hotel is pet friendly. There is the bar/lounge which is in the immediate vicinity Proximity to the convention center and close to the Lanxess Arena.

The pets are allowed but you have to pay 15 EUR per pet per day.

The most famous and popular tourist attractions are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel: the Lanxess Arena, the Cologne Exhibition Centre, the Cologne Cathedral, the Cologne Zoo, the Chocolate Museum, the Old Market, the Ludwig Museum, the Musical Dome, the Claudius Therme, the Neumarkt. 11 – 42 minutes on foot and you are there.

The pet friendly restaurants, cafes

At Café Reichard with the dog

This cafe is located near Taubenbrunnen. The restaurant serves German cuisine. The café serves good dry ham, salmon and strawberry cake. It is worth ordering delicious pralines, chocolate cream and butter cakes. Visit this location if you want to taste good rum, beer or wine. Order delicious Americano, espresso or latte macchiato.

Enjoy a delicious lunch on the porch. Your pet will of course be with you. Visitors claim that the staff is helpful at this cafe. According to the guests, the service is great. Café Reichard offers attractive prices. Many customers write that there is a beautiful interior design and a pleasant atmosphere here.

Osman 30 - relaxation with your pet

This restaurant is located next to the Mediapark Cologne. Be sure to visit Osman 30 if you like international cuisine. Here you can order good fillet steak and delicious salmon. The chefs make good ice cream here. This location offers you good wine, rum and champagne. Here you can order good espresso.

Visit this restaurant to admire the beautiful window view. Many visitors note that the restaurant staff is energetic. You will see that the service is great here. According to customer reviews, the prices here are democratic. Most guests say that there is a modern interior and a charming atmosphere.

Café Konditorei Eigel and your four-legged friend

This cafe is located near the local attraction Jupp Schmitz Monument. Here you can taste delicious cakes and salads. Most guests say that the cafe serves good pralines, potifuri, chocolate cakes. According to customers' feedback, good cappuccino is offered here.

The favorable location of the location enables easy accessibility even at peak traffic times. Great service is the big plus of this cafe. The prices here are attractive. Many customers point out that there is a stunning interior design and a pleasant atmosphere here.

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