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Dog friendly trip to Erfurt, pet friendly hotels in Erfurt

Dog friendly trip to Erfurt, pet friendly hotels in Erfurt

The Germans call this picturesque area "Green Heart of Germany". This state has two main characteristics.

On the one hand, Thuringia has a unique landscape with small mountain ranges, bouncy castles and dense and extensive forests. On the other hand, Thuringia is almost perfectly located in the "heart" of Germany.

It must be pointed out that numerous legends and medieval castles also have an important place in the history of Thuringia. Here it will be comforting to see this place with your dog.

Three brothers, three medieval castles, "three equals" are located next to each other and stretch across picturesque fields, on three mountains. They are 25 km away from Erfurt. You can reach from Erfurt by train.

Erfurt is a beautiful city, there are many monuments, the mixture of Romanesque and modernist styles is in no way contradictory.

Dog friendly trip to Erfurt, pet friendly hotels in Erfurt

Walk across the bridge with your four-legged friend

Of course, the bridge is an extraordinary building. This is one place!

Along the Krämerbrücke, 62 buildings were built in the 13th century, in which the shops were occupied and kept by merchants. Originally, the churches were located at both ends of the 120-meter-long street. One of them is the Church of St. Egidius, where a popular viewpoint is equipped on the tower. In the last few centuries, the number of houses has almost halved due to fires and mergers. But they are still traded, only saffron and pepper have changed from crafts, antiques and souvenirs.

Benediktplatz - spend your time with your dog

If this is your first time in Erfurt, we recommend exploring the city from Benediktplatz. The tourist information center is located there. Here you will receive a travel guide, a city map with sights and book a guided tour. The information center is just a few steps from the entrance to the Krämerbrücke.

Erfurt is a compact city that is easy to explore on foot. You and your four-legged friend can enjoy the nature of Erfurt, so go for a walk without haste. In the historic square almost every house, every wall, every door and every window is furnished true to the original.

Visit Citadel Petersberg with your dog

The Petersberg Citadel is located in the center of Erfurt, 200 meters from Domplatz. The city defense system was built in several stages. Bastions, ravelins and gates were built in the second half of the 17th century. After some time, barracks were built for the garrison of neighboring Mainz, stationed in Erfurt. In the 18th century, the defensive ditches were deepened, a watchtower was built and an additional powerful fence was built.

The baroque gate facade is decorated with saw blades, carinthia and sculpted heads of lions. The tourist interest is St. Peter's Church XII. Century, the maze of underground tunnels of the citadel and the viewing platform on the tower.

Here you will have a great time with your pet.

Dog friendly trip to Erfurt, pet friendly hotels in Erfurt

Fish market and Egapark - spend more time outdoors with your dog

The old fish market is the city's main square. It has long been the center of trade and public life in Erfurt. Fish were mostly traded on the square. Local aristocrats built their mansions there, and the most beautiful ones even got their own names.

Egapark Erfurt Gartenbaustellung is a combination of landscape park, exhibition center and botanical garden. It was built in 1920 in the south-west part of the city. The walls and buildings now blend organically into the park landscape. In the park there are such numerous thematic objects as orchid, rose, tropical, herbal, butterfly houses, Japanese water and rock gardens.

In the park there is the largest flower arrangement in Europe. The park's children's playground with a farm with domestic animals is the largest in Thuringia. The Park's Landscaping Museum presents an exhibition that introduces visitors to various aspects of garden art.

Dog friendly trip to Erfurt, pet friendly hotels in Erfurt

Dog-friendly accommodation in Erfurt hotels

Victor's Residenz-Hotel Erfurt Dogs Allowed

This is four star hotel where pets are welcome. A maximum of 2 pets per room are allowed. The price for your overnight stay is 25 EUR per pet, per day. If necessary, staff will provide food and water bowls.

Various sights are nearby: the Krämerbrücke, the Erfurt Cathedral, the Angermuseum, the Erfurt Puffbohne cabaret, the Aegidienkirche, the old synagogue, the St. Severi Church. Need 19-30 minutes walk to enjoy these beauties with your dog.

Augustinerkloster Gotha Herberge gGmbH Erfurt Dogs Allowed

This hotel has 3 stars. Only dogs are welcome. Your accommodation is allowed for an extra charge of EUR 8 per pet per night. Service animals are exempt from fees.

Not many attractions are within walking distance from this hotel. It takes 9-10 minutes on foot to reach Friedenstein Castle and the Ducal Museum Gotha.

You can also enjoy the fresh air and the green landscape in the Hainich and Thuringian Forest National Park. They are 11.2 and 18.9 km from the hotel.

B&B Hotel Erfurt Dogs Allowed

Dogs and cats are welcome in this two-star hotel. Restrictions apply here so you will need to contact to inquire if pet friendly rooms are available.

There is a fee of EUR 12 per pet, per night.

All interesting sights are within walking distance: the Krämerbrücke, the Erfurt Cathedral, the Angermuseum, the Aegidienkirche, the Erfurter Puffbohne cabaret, the old synagogue, the St. Severi Church. Walk your four-legged friend for 9-16 minutes and you're there.

In restaurants and cafes with pets

Have a refreshment in the Übersee restaurant – you and your dog

This restaurant is located near the old synagogue. Tasty medium-sized steak, bacon and hamburgers are served here. It is worth tasting good coffee.

Here you can eat deliciously on the outdoor terrace. Nothing prevents you from having lunch or dinner with your pet. From a visitor's point of view, the staff is competent here. Great service is a big plus. The atmosphere in this location is great.

Holiday time with the dog - in the restaurant Glashütte Petersburg

After a walk at the Erfurt Domberg you can visit this restaurant nearby. Here you will find German cuisine. The chefs prepare delicious Wiener schnitzel, fillet steak and pasta here. Taste good croissants. Visit this place if you want to taste delicious coffee.

If you walk your dog, you can spend time on the terrace.

After walking the dog visit Double b

Good omelettes, pork sausages and gratinated sausages are served in the Double b. Here you have to taste appetizing fruit salad, almond croissants and fruit toast. Good coffee is served here.

A majority of guests note that the staff at Location is excellent.

Relax with your four-legged friend in the Double b restaurant.

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