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Are dogs allowed? Answers to the main questions

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Is it possible for a dog? Answers to the main questions

Very often we are asked if a dog can eat a certain product. And such interest is not unreasonable: there are foods that are allowed for consumption by dogs, there are those that are undesirable or that are acceptable in limited quantities, and there are prohibited foods that pose a threat to the health of your pet.

Since a person consumes all three categories of products every day, he can unknowingly give some of them to his dog, which often leads to disorders in the work of the animal's body.

So that you can avoid possible mistakes in feeding your four-legged friend, we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about nutrition.

Can you give your dog cheese?

Is it possible for a dog? Answers to the main questions

Despite the fact that dogs love cheese, it is dangerous for them. It may contain too much fat, salt, and additional components that cause an allergic reaction. It is permissible to give cheese to a dog only occasionally, as a treat.

Can dogs eat chicken bones?

Is it possible for a dog? Answers to the main questions

It is unacceptable to feed this product to dogs, as the sharp edges of the bones can easily injure the stomach and intestines of the animal. In addition, they exfoliate and get stuck in the teeth, which causes pain to the dog during the meal. At the same time, chicken feet and heads are not dangerous, and it is recommended to give them regularly, depending on the weight of the dog and the amount of exercise.

Can I give my dog dry food?

Is it possible for a dog? Answers to the main questions

Despite the fact that food from the table is more varied and tasty than food, it does not contain all the necessary elements and vitamins. Dry food is more balanced, and its granules help prevent plaque and also massage the gums. Another plus of dry food is that it doesn't spoil as long as it sits on the plate throughout the day.

Can you give a dog meat?

Is it possible for a dog? Answers to the main questions

Yes, it is the most suitable product for dogs. One has only to choose the right type - lean meat of the lowest grade. But is it possible to give a dog raw meat or better boiled? Actually it's not that important. Cooked has fewer nutrients but is safe, while eating raw can lead to indigestion and poisoning due to the presence of parasites in it. Therefore, you must first make sure that it is suitable, and if in doubt, it is better to boil the meat.

Is it possible to feed a dog porridge

Is it possible for a dog? Answers to the main questions

Dogs can be fed porridge, but not any. It is forbidden to give corn porridge, pearl barley, semolina, millet - they are very poorly absorbed and can lead to serious conditions. But rice, buckwheat and oats will not cause problems with digestion. The only condition is that porridge for a dog cannot be salted and seasoned with spices.

Can dogs have grapes

Is it possible for a dog? Answers to the main questions

Despite the fact that grapes are useful for humans, they are toxic for dogs. Even a few berries eaten lead to indigestion, abdominal pain, nausea, and lethargy. The main danger of grapes for dogs is kidney damage. Therefore, if you notice that your pet has eaten fresh berries or raisins, you should contact your veterinarian, even if symptoms do not appear. So it will be possible to minimize the consequences of poisoning.

Can a dog's ear

A dog can be given some types of boiled fish, but it is recommended to give the ear in very limited quantities. The fact is that the broth causes an increased secretion of gastric juice, which leads to gastritis and ulcers. In addition, its use negatively affects the functioning of the liver and pancreas. An ear prepared for oneself will not work also because it contains seasonings and salt.

Can dogs have milk

It is not recommended to give milk to an adult dog, as this can lead to indigestion - it simply does not have an enzyme that breaks down lactose. However, if your dog likes milk, it can be given from time to time, diluted with water.

In the case of puppies, it is easier - they still have the enzyme, and if necessary, it is permissible to give goat's milk.

Can dogs have bones

Is it possible for a dog? Answers to the main questions

The answer to the question depends on the dog and the characteristics of its body. Some dogs easily digest bones, while others are not able to do this, their bones injure the walls of the gastrointestinal tract or may even get stuck.

In addition, when chewing bones, the dog's teeth wear down and break, enamel is destroyed and caries develops. Therefore, if you want to please your pet and not harm him, it is better to buy a special bone for dogs at the pet store, made from safe ingredients.

And a few more questions on other topics that are of interest to visitors to our site.

Can a dog be given pills?

Yes, you can, but only a suitable drug prescribed by a veterinarian. In order to properly give the animal a pill, it is necessary to slightly press on the jaw closure area - then the dog will open its mouth. After that, quickly put the tablet on the root of the tongue. Lift the dog's head up by pressing on the chin and stroke the throat to stimulate the swallowing reflex.

Can you wash a dog

Is it possible for a dog? Answers to the main questions

Yes, dogs need to be washed regularly, but the frequency depends on the type of coat, activity, conditions of detention. It is recommended to fully bathe your pet using shampoo once every two or three months. At other times, for example, after walking, it is enough to wipe the dog's paws and stomach. They can also swim freely in clean waters or rivers under the supervision of the owner. In winter, the dog can bathe in the snow on its own - this is also a great way to clean the coat.

Is it possible to go to the store with a dog

Is it possible for a dog? Answers to the main questions

In Russia, there is no federal law prohibiting visiting a store with a dog. However, there are regional laws - and in each city they may be different. Most often, you can not go into shops and shopping centers with dogs of large breeds. Each store can set its own rules, but they cannot violate the higher law. Restrictions do not apply to guide dogs - if you have the appropriate documents, you must be let through.

We have touched on the most common questions that dog owners face. Do you want to know something else? Write in the comments - we will touch on these topics in the next article!

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