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A Dog-Friendly Journey to Hamburg, pet-friendly hotels of Hamburg

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Sights of Hamburg with a dog

It is an unlimited trip with your pet to explore Hamburg and its main attractions.


Hamburg became the carrier of DOGS AWARD. For Germany, this award goes to cities where four-legged friends feel free and comfortable to the greatest extent.

The DOGS AWARD was given to those cities that have created the best conditions for dogs. This year he was awarded Hamburg. The city on the Elbe deserves this award because the concern for dogs is more visible here than in any other German city.

Everything for dogs

In Hamburg there are 120 green meadows specially designated for the run of 40,000 dogs that are officially registered in the Hanseatic city. And in such places, the four-legged friends can romp around without muzzle and leash. The large hiking route with dogs is also set up on the unique shores of the Ausenalster Lake. The length is 7.4 kilometers.

The decision to reward Hamburg with the DOGS AWARD was also influenced by the fact that pet owners pay a relatively low tax in the city. At the same time, there is a large selection of veterinary practices and beauty salons for dogs in Hamburg.

Sights of Hamburg with a dog

Port of Hamburg with a dog

Hamburg's Hafenviertel is a bustling shopping district that has been the heart of the city's wealth and economic prosperity for centuries. It's also a great place for a grand tour with your dog.

Hamburg is one of the largest cities in Germany and is nicknamed the "Gateway of the World". Thanks to the country's largest port, it was named the richest metropolis and media center in Germany. Proximity to the sea has had a strong influence on the city and the imprint can be seen in the architecture, the menu and the streets of the metropolis.

Here you will find Hamburg's newest attraction, the 4-kilometre-long Kohlbrandbrucke, which spans the Elbe and connects it to the rest of the city. Take a walk with your four-legged friend along the Hafenrand Promenade, the walking path around the harbor that leads from Messberg to the fish market to the famous Lagersviertel. This historic part of the Port of Hamburg is known as the Speicherstadt, which is the largest warehouse complex in the world. Its impressive 19th-century Gothic buildings are built of red brick and continue to hold secrets of the treasures.

Park “Planten un Blomen” with dogs

It is a kingdom of trees and flowers that conquers at first sight. It is an ideal place for relaxation, both for city dwellers and visitors with dogs. Despite the size, you can really rest here. It is enough to take a walk to enjoy the beauty of the lake with fountains, both at night and during the day. This is an excellent vacation with dogs.

Sights of Hamburg with a dog

St. Pauli in Hamburg with a dog

St. Pauli in Hamburg used to make ropes for ships, but today we have completely different priorities. Here is the Reeperbahn, one of the most famous red-light districts outside of Amsterdam, which is also gaining tourist attraction status.

Why not see Hamburg life from the inside? Curious visitors mix with locals and workers here. After dark, the Reeperbahn turns into a sprawling beehive, where almost all of the city's nightlife is concentrated. Hamburg is a hard working city and the people of Hamburg enjoy resting after a day of work.

Admire the beauty with your dog!

Pet-friendly hotels

Renaissance Hamburg Hotel Dogs Allowed

This is a five star hotel, a pet friendly hotel with a restaurant. Dogs and cats are welcome. The number of pets per room is 2, the maximum weight of your pets is 50 kg.

Dogs are allowed to stay overnight for an extra charge of EUR 20 per pet per night.

Various sights are close to Renaissance Hamburg Hotel: Miniature Wonderland, Hamburg Dungeon, Reeperbahn, Elbphilharmonie, Fish Market, Hamburg City Hall, Mönckebergstrasse.

The walking distance is from 7 to 35. You can visit everything with your dog.

Novotel Suites Hamburg City Dogs Allowed

This is a 3.5 star hotel and of course our selection showcases the pet friendly hotel. The hotel has one restaurant, it is near Miniatur Wunderland. This is near Mönckebergstrasse, one of the main shopping streets in Hamburg, where you can choose something for your four-legged friend.

Pets are allowed for an extra charge of EUR 10 per pet per night.

The hotel facilitates daily housekeeping, dry cleaning, the spa, various options: fitness facility, self parking facility, 24-hour business center.

The Novotel Suites Hamburg City is a 16-45 minute walk from the Hamburg Dungeon, Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg City Hall, Grossmarkt Hamburg, St. Michaelis main church.

Ibis Styles Hamburg Barmbek Dogs Allowed

It is a new hotel, which is optimal in terms of price and travel options with the dog.

This is a dog friendly hotel, only dogs are allowed. This is the 2.5 star hotel. The hotel is 2.8 kilometers from the city park.

You can have an overnight stay with your dog for EUR 15 per pet, per night. There are no fees for service animals.

What sights are available to you in the shortest amount of time? Everything is within a 25 to 40 minute walk: Kampnagel, The English Theater of Hamburg, Quarree Wandsbek, Mundsburg-Center, City Nord, Islamic Center Hamburg.

Dog-friendly restaurants, cafes of Hamburg

Hot for ice cream with a dog

If you want a delicious ice cream and if you prefer to relax with your dog, the restaurant "Hot on Ice Cream" will offer you this opportunity. Here you have the option "Admission with dogs allowed"!

The type of place is an ice cream shop. They also prefer catering. This culinary art is German.

As for the menu, there are children's menu, desserts, vegetarian menu and vegan menu.

Enjoy homemade ice cream, handmade cakes, the best coffee from a small Hamburg organic roastery, the finest chocolates and exquisite wines.

Address: Duvenstedter Damm 56 22397 Hamburg, Germany.

Old girl with a dog

This is an open-air bar, so you can relax here with your pet.

This is a nice place in Sternschanze. They also have outdoor seating so go and enjoy a craft beer there.

Many guests recommend the tasty fish, sausage and steaks. You can order a good Belgian chocolate, dessert biscuits and ginger biscuits here. Here you can taste a good latte macchiato, ginger or espresso macchiato.

The cozy atmosphere of this bar allows visitors to relax after a busy day. If the weather permits, you can do it with your dog.

Address: Lagerstrasse 28B, Hamburg, Germany.

Park Café Planten un Blomen with dogs

Enjoy lunch in the fresh air on your own deck in a small lake surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The café is mainly self-service and you will be given a disc to signal that you are ready to place your order. This is recommended for a quiet lunch. Your dog can spend time with you.

This culinary art is German, French, international.

Address: Holstenwall 30, 20355 Hamburg, Germany.

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to continue our work and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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