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Small dogs with a huge heart: TOP 10 mini breeds

Depending on the size, all breeds of dogs are divided into conditional categories - large, medium and small. We want to talk today about small breeds of dogs and tell you that their small size should by no means be considered a disadvantage - often this is an advantage.

Such dogs live well even in a small apartment, they are easy to travel with, the weight and compactness of these animals allow them to be placed in most hotels that are inhabited with dogs, they very quickly find a common language with other pets and small children. Well, the bonus is that for such breeds, the feed consumption is small.

Let's get to know these breeds!

1. Pug

Small dogs with a huge heart: TOP 10 mini breeds

Pugs are extremely calm pets that show their friendliness with might and main both in front of the owner and in front of family members. Playful and active as children, they become more serene as they mature. At some point, their greatest joy becomes the time spent on the couch with the owner.

Dogs of this breed are very social and can easily be in the company of even strangers who treat them well and with interest. This will also be a plus if you often go on trips - in this case, neighbors can easily be asked to look after the pet. Pugs get along very well with children, but it is undesirable to leave them to play alone with each other. And this concerns the safety of not a child, but a dog - pugs have large and bulging eyes, which a small child can injure through negligence.

Of the minuses, it can only be noted that pugs are often considered leaders in snoring, and a dog can sniff or wheeze loudly even while awake. But there is nothing to be done about it, because it is connected with the peculiarities of their respiratory system.

2. Papillon

Small dogs with a huge heart: TOP 10 mini breeds

There are breeds of dogs that, like real batteries, charge people with their cheerfulness and indefatigable energy. The Papillon is just such a breed. These dogs are also called continental toy spaniels because of their small size. A feature of Papillons are the ears, which, due to their wool and their shape, resemble the wings of a butterfly or a moth - the name of the breed comes from the French word for "moth".

Papillons love their owner very much, their whole life is built around him, so it’s hard for them to be left without attention. Amazing curiosity makes them very active on walks - any details are of genuine interest. Good mood and playfulness always accompany these dogs, thanks to which they become reliable companions, participating in any undertakings of the owner or accompanying him on walks.

Papillons adapt very easily to life in small spaces, they are very friendly with other pets, especially cats, they love small children. However, it is important to give them a lot of care, otherwise they will quickly become jealous.

3. Pekingese

Small dogs with a huge heart: TOP 10 mini breeds

This breed came to us from China, and according to some information, its age exceeds 2000 years. There is even a legend that the Pekingese descended from the union of a lion and a monkey - animals that are highly revered in this country. The result is a creature with an innate sense of an aristocrat, infinite equanimity and an unusual appearance.

Pekingese were very fond of the Chinese emperors, and it is clear why - a calm disposition, natural breeding, mood for peaceful activity - this makes them ideal pets for living in small rooms. A Pekingese will never scratch furniture, destroy an apartment, or bark heart-rendingly and annoyingly. These are dogs that genuinely love positive vibes, moderate play, and serene surroundings.

They are also distinguished by peacefulness in relation to other pets - they easily find a common language with both other dogs and cats and even rodents. It is also a feature that these dogs do not need excessive activity, so they do not have to be walked daily for a long time, which is a significant bonus if you do not have enough free time.

4. Miniature American Shepherd

Small dogs with a huge heart: TOP 10 mini breeds

The Miniature American Shepherd, or Mini Aussie as it is sometimes called, is a very young breed of dog that was bred in 1980 from an Australian Shepherd and an unregistered small dog. Initially, breeders wanted to develop a smaller Aussie breed that would still retain their endurance, intelligence and high trainability. As intended, miniature American Shepherds are very active and hardworking. Since their ancestors were used to herd animals, they acquired a strong nervous system and the ability to adapt to any conditions. They are very easy to learn and understand everything on the fly. Mini Aussies try to please their owner in everything, and their emotional attachment to him makes these dogs indispensable companions for many years.

Despite its small size, the Miniature American Shepherd has strong guarding instincts and will not let strangers into its territory without barking. At the same time, these dogs have an open character and will never harm the owner or members of his family.

5. Toy Terrier mini

Toy Terriers are natives of England, their history begins in the eighteenth century. Then these dogs were often used for hunting small rodents, but later representatives of the nobility became interested in them, and they became frequent guests at secular receptions. However, breeders soon saw that the smaller the animal, the higher it was valued and more expensive. This is how targeted breeding began, which resulted in mini toy terrier, dwarf toy terrier and micro toy terrier.

Despite their small size and cute appearance, these dogs are quite selfish and often not very friendly. It is very often difficult for an unprepared owner to get along with him, since toy terriers do not always even recognize his authority. However, these dogs do not tolerate loneliness well, which is why they may whine or bark loudly. At the same time, an abundance of stress can lead to a disease of the nervous system.

A feature of the organism of this breed is the increased fragility of the bones. Many breeders recommend that the dog spend more time on the walk in the carrier, as any skirmish with a larger representative of the dogs can be traumatic.

6 Smooth Coated Chihuahua Mini

Small dogs with a huge heart: TOP 10 mini breeds

Chihuahua is a fairly common dog breed. Surely you have seen these tiny pets with a huge bold soul. Their insane courage is often a reason for proud stories, since barking at a huge formidable alabai is a common thing for them - these dogs are not afraid of anyone.

Smooth-coated mini chihuahuas are excellent companions that will follow their master anywhere. They can be both avid travelers and quiet couch potatoes. These dogs are very fond of games and activity, but can easily do without a long walk.

In contact with other pets, they show their authority, no matter what size these pets have. This is often a hindrance, as it is fraught with conflicts with those who do not recognize their supremacy.

7. Cairn Terrier

Small dogs with a huge heart: TOP 10 mini breeds

Cairn Terriers were bred in Scotland to hunt foxes. For this, their small size and indefatigable energy turned out to be very useful. However, their cute appearance, bristling coat and pointy ears soon won the general love of families throughout the UK, and then around the world.

The hunter's past still echoes in the nature of Cairn Terriers - they are simply crazy about outdoor play. So choose this breed if you can provide your pet with long walks and proper physical activity. They do not like loneliness, so the best option would be if you let this shaggy bundle of happiness accompany you in any motor activities.

With all its positiveness, this breed often has a duality of behavior, which becomes visible at a time when the pet is sure that the owner is absent. At such moments, it seems that you have two dogs that behave differently, depending on whether you are around them or not. Also, Cairn Terriers are quite touchy, so any yelling at a pet is perceived negatively and is accompanied by stubbornness and disobedience.

8. Maltese

Small dogs with a huge heart: TOP 10 mini breeds

If you need a very devoted friend who will not leave you even for a minute, then a breed like the Maltese will suit you. And if at the same time there is not much living space, or you like dogs of small breeds, then take a closer look at the Maltese mini, or the Maltese mini - a separate branch of the breed, the weight of which does not exceed 2.5 kilograms.

These dogs cannot live without their owner. Even an hour of separation is a real torment for them. But as much love as they give to their man, you will not get more from any dog. They will be devoted only to you, even if they live in a large family. But at the same time, they will be immensely jealous - they carefully monitor that all the attention of the owner belongs only to them.

The main difficulties can arise only with training, since dogs of this breed are famous for their special stubbornness. The pet must be interested in training, because if he considers this a useless exercise, then it will be very difficult to make him follow the commands.

9. Greyhound mini

Small dogs with a huge heart: TOP 10 mini breeds

The Italian Greyhound, or Italian Greyhound, is the smallest member of the greyhound family. Despite the name, the roots of this breed come from Egypt, where these dogs were revered and buried along with the pharaohs. At the same time, they are very often called a “cat substitute”, since Italian Greyhounds simply adore elevated horizontal surfaces that they manage to jump on.

These dogs are hyperactive creatures with whom you will not only not get bored, but you will not even know how the day will go. It is precisely for such unpredictability that representatives of the Mini Greyhound breed are often adored - they can bring variety even to the most boring everyday life. At the same time, they are very emotional - so much so that small tremors can appear from overexcitation. Another similarity with cats is expressed in the fact that Italian Greyhounds are very fond of warmth and comfort, so everywhere they will look for places where it is more comfortable.

The characteristics of this breed are also their increased tactility and vocality - be prepared for constant hugs with your dog, as well as squeals and frequent barks through which the dog will express his emotions.

10. Pomeranian miniature spitz

Small dogs with a huge heart: TOP 10 mini breeds

These are dogs that many appreciate for their decorativeness and pleasant nature. Originally from Pomerania, a region in Germany, the breed is divided into three types:

• Pomeranian bear type (mini-bear cub);

• Pomeranian fox type;

• Pomeranian toy type.

At the same time, it is impossible to determine the type of animal immediately after birth - the complete formation of its appearance occurs closer to the 12th month of life. Unfortunately, even if the parents of a pet are of the same type, this does not guarantee that their offspring will not be of another type.

The most popular now are Pomeranian mini-bear type. Due to the particularly thick coat on a slightly flattened muzzle, which forms the "cheeks", they really look like cubs.

The fox type is characterized by an elongated muzzle, and in the "toy" Spitz, the shape takes on a cross between the bear and fox type.

In any case, all three types are like soft fluffy happy clouds that rush around the house, joyfully welcoming their owner. Despite the seeming impression, the Pomeranian is not at all lazy - they love active games, walks in the fresh air and a variety of entertainment. At the same time, the pet easily adapts to the owner's daily routine - it can get up both early in the morning and in the afternoon, depending on your lifestyle.

Pomeranians are very attached to the members of the family in which they live, so bouts of sadness and melancholy are possible if they are left alone for a long time. Also, their coat needs active care in order to maintain its decorative effect.

Today we talked about ten representatives of the most popular breeds of small dogs. Despite external differences, these animals are united by one quality - boundless love for the owner.

And thanks to the variety of characters and temperaments of breeds, everyone can choose a furry friend with whom it will be comfortable to go through life.

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